Simply Savvy Organizing:: A One Hour Weekend Project

Weekends are for relaxing and doing things to help you feel better the rest of the week. If you only had one hour this weekend to accomplish one house project what could it be? (and yes, you have the time) Get motivated with this inspiration::

1. Sort bills and file keep papers

2. Purge last years school work and art papers that are not worth keeping

3. Clean-out dated and unused make-up or bath products

4. Donate toys and kids clothes

5. Run those errands you’ve been putting off

6. Pair your socks and trash those unmatched and old ones

7. Clean your refrigerator or pantry

8. Put away your clean laundry

9. Take a trip down memory lane and download your photos

10. Dust your fans and clean your blinds

11. Discover what’s under the beds

If you need a little eye candy to motivate you…these might help! via pinterest


There is so much you can do that takes little time– and feels so good when you’re done! Be productive, play, and enjoy your weekend. Share your task!



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organizing and storing kids work and treasures

It can be hard to choose what school work, art work, and mementos to keep for your child.  If you create a system for those admired pieces of work you’ll eliminate paper piles and hard descisions. Think of these as steps: Love it or Toss it, Display it and Store it. Decide how you want to achieve each of these areas and you’ll have a system that is enjoyable and managable.


Getting Started

Make a Date: You first need to set an date where your plan is to revisit all kept work and edit what is not needed. Your date may be once or twice a year, depending on how well you feel you’ll handle the increased paper amount. Keep a few writing samples, funny stories, pictures, and needed testing results or report cards.


Love It or Toss It

When the work enters the home, toss items you know are not worth keeping. Then move on to your display or file location. Once you’ve enjoyed viewing older work, rotate items from display to store. Always ask yourself when you touch the work for the second time, is this truly a keep item. Remember, you’ll revisit all work on your set appointment date.


Display It

Kids love to see their work on display. So, framing or hanging work and then rotating them when new work comes in keeps things special and in order. Plus, it’s the quickest way to put things up.


There are so many creative options for displaying art.  The display system you choose works as a boundary for you and the kids–teaching them if it can hold it, you can keep it. They’ll see what they value more and what can rotate or be thrown away.


This gallery and chalk wall by A Soft Place to Land is a great all-things-kids solution–very special to have a kids focal wall.



Try a DIY project like this one by Jen Grant Morriss. Take pictures or scan the artwork and then create a grid in Photoshop (or other program)–print, frame, and enjoy for any age!



If you want something that is easy and requires a simple mount, I came across these display boards by STRECKS— so many styles and sizes.



…and this very easy idea- I’ve done something similar with twine tied to removable adhesive hooks–mini clothes pins work great for little hands to add their own work.



Store It

What can you do with the artwork until your review date? Keep it in a flat portfolio folder (great for larger work), or roll it up in tubes. You can also use small binders with clear pockets and dividers. It’s easy to view and enjoy, and then edit on your scheduled date. A standard file bin with hanging folders is also effective, if you have the room to store the bins. Quick tip: label the storage of choice with child’s name, categorize by year, and group like contents.


Go digital

Once you decide on what you want to keep longer term, consider taking pictures or scanning work and creating a printed album from your digital library.Condensing to one work/art album (every 5 years or so) makes a special book, gift, and keepsake. I love that it also allows you to edit your printed album collection.


Take a look at these great tips on Edudemic and the Top 5 APPS for Organizing Schoolwork–yes, they have an App for that!


There are many sites to consider for storing images and printing albums or even calendars, here are two you’re likely familiar with and


Treasure It

Keep a treasure box for items you and/or your child want to hold onto. I suggest an acid free photo box for each child.  Though a lot of people love to scrapbook, it takes time and is not for all. The bonus of a treasure box is having a quick location to place items you’re not ready to get rid of or want to keep for a period of time, or longer.


Be creative: Artwork can also be placed on mugs, shirts, and more creative ideas from sites like


For more ideas, take a look at the Simply Savvy board on Pinterest.


Share your ideas and what you do in your home. Leave a comment and share links to your projects. I love sharing back!



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maximize your space:: savvy solutions for organization

I have lived in a home where I felt that there was not enough space to manage my things, display my possessions, or allow me to function efficiently. I have been there and I find that to be a frequent statement from my clients–not enough room or they think they need to spend big money to address space challenges. This is why I love organization and redesign. I get to help clients transform their spaces by getting rid of clutter, reorganizing belongings, and repurposing and repositioning their things for better use and focus. These latest images from  are a perfect example of how to make your things special and function for your home.


This caught my attention because I recently moved a clients trunk from looking lost against a wall to having a greater function as a coffee table. This simple move gave new life to a waisted trunk. The idea of utilizing the interior of the trunk for a filing system or desk storage is brilliant. Linens, seasonal blankets, or keepsake items can also be stored in a trunk, but this function is simply clever.




I also admired these orderly bookshelves because of their multi-functional possibilities. If you lack a home office, cabinet storage, or closet space, utilizing bookshelves (built in or not) is a great way to stash your things. By keeping the colors and storage solutions uniform the shelves look clutter free, stylish, and purposeful.  Use book covers and a variety of  bins to store magazines, media, photos, or office files and no one will know what’s behind that lovely book shelf–until you share your creative ways! Surround your storage solutions with your collections and you have a very stylish bookshelf–with true function.


Of course, the main benefit for adding bookshelves is the use of vertical space. They are the perfect solution for adding space and storage to your home. Be savvy and save by searching garage sales, craigslist or your local thrift stores for solid shelving–and get out the paint.





Love the space you are in, be creative and create a new purpose. If you find yourself stuck, I’d love to help-submit your question at You Asked I Answered.



How have you been creative in your home, utilizing what you have? Leave a comment and share a link, I love sharing back!







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sleek and chic organization::weekly product pick

Getting organized is a task we do to manage our space, our day, and our lives. The tools we use to get organized can (and I believe should) add style and design to a space.


I’m always keeping my eyes open for things to share that is an organizing must-have; however, this week I’m sharing three organizing love-to-haves.


The first two product picks are from Wisteria. I received the current issue of the catalog and instantly loved these items.


This collapsible iron organizer can be used to hold your magazines, catalogs, design books, or files. I love that it adds a sleek and industrial touch that is very interesting. Of course, it’s functional and keeps items easy to see–an organizing must!



I can’t say it enough (I’ll keep saying it too!), labeling is a key ingredient to successful organization. My favorite labels are those that are flexible and add a pretty touch to your containers and baskets. These handcarved clay tags are a great solution. I like these for baskets placed on open shelving; such as, the laundry room, pantry, or bookshelves. These deserve attention!



My third product pick (by Three by Three Seattle) is one I found on Julie Morgenstern’s shop at OpenSky . (Quick plug: You should join that site if you have not already)


These writable bamboo panels are very flexible–you can write, hang, containerize, and stick items all on one chic board.


 Do you have a favorite organizing product you want to share? Leave a comment.


I was not paid or sponsored to share these products. I share what I find and what I really like. If you’d like Simply Savvy to check out your products, become a sponsor, or provide a giveaway, contact us for details.



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savvy solutions::you asked I answered

So glad you have stopped by to Ask Simply Savvy! I enjoy sharing readers challenges in organization, time, space, and design. I also love to share your successful spaces. Send your questions and I will review submissions and may detail a solution in a regular post on the Simply Savvy blog. I might share product ideas, mood board designs, or provide a list of how-to’s or tips. I will answer all email, but will selectively post for others to see.

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So, think of your spaces, your current challenges, things that make you feel chaotic, your to-do list that adds stress to your day, or just general questions…I look forward to helping you accomplish your goals and hope to inspire others along the way!







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