6 Tips to Refresh a Drab Living Room

I’m delighted to have Emily from Zillow as a guest on the blog. Zillow has been my go-to site during our recent move and search for a home. If you are buying, selling, or simply want to know the market in your area then check out Zillow. See Zillow Digs for inspiration too!

Enjoy these tips by guest writer Emily Creswick:

Home styling is not typically a high priority for busy families. When schedules are packed, living in outdated or disorganized environments becomes the norm. In turn, this causes unnecessary clutter and household stress that can be avoided with a little effort toward interior design. Making small updates to high-traffic living spaces can dramatically change a home’s atmosphere and the moods of its residents.

Refreshing a drab living room creates a functional and inviting space where families and their visitors can relax and mingle. Even with limited budgets, it’s easy to make a positive impact. Check out these six tips to learn how.

1.      Define the Purpose

It’s common for a living room to become a dumping ground for kid’s belongings, gym bags, shoes and random items after the family comes home from school or work. This causes unnecessary clutter and takes up valuable living space. The first step to update an area is to define the purpose of the room and remove the items that don’t belong. When reducing the purpose from catch-all to family room, be sure to create new homes for the typical overflow items. For instance, add a table, cubbies or shoe rack to the entry hall. Once random clutter is removed it’s much easier to see the entire living space available.

2.      Aim for Open Layout

A common design mistake is to overcrowd the living room with furniture and accessories. Too many items results in clutter and confusion. To refresh, adopt the design notion of “less is more.” Assess whether furniture pieces are required or unnecessary. When it comes to accessories, keep it simple. Adding decorative mirrors and modern, oversized canvas prints on the walls are great ways to create open space while incorporating artistic decoration.

3.      Increase Storage

Storage is essential to keeping the living room tidy. Create dedicated storage spaces for items not in use, such as TV remotes, magazines and books. Lucite and acrylic trays are trendy and modern while functional as storage solutions. Include side tables with decorative coasters for safe placement of beverages when watching TV. Consider using a fashionable trunk with storage space for blankets instead of a coffee table. If the room doubles as a kid’s play area, invest in some durable and attractive baskets to store toys.

image from Zillow Digs

image from Zillow Digs

4.      Eliminate Outdated Pieces

If the living room has a lumpy couch, any faded, floral prints or sun damaged curtains, then it’s time for an update. Do-it-yourself re-upholstery projects are great for reinvigorating furniture while saving money. New curtains are a cost-effective purchase that instantly add vibrancy to a drab living room. If a larger budget allows, splurge on a comfy new couch or durable rug for the high-traffic area.

5.      Get Creative with Color

Painting a bold feature wall can be intimidating. Do some research on Zillow Digs to spark design inspiration. For a lively feel, choose a bold color. Select a muted or lighter color for a classic, softer look. Work in cushions and throws of similar hues for balance.

6.      Keep it Fresh

Rooms are more inviting when they smell fresh and clean. Adding scented candles is a great way to freshen up the room while adding style and ambiance. Another option is to use air-refreshing plugs that discreetly hide in wall outlets. For safety purposes, ensure candles and air fresheners are out of reach of little hands and pets.

A fresher and more inviting living room is only a few easy steps away. For more great style tips and solutions check out staged homes on Zillow.

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