Organizing Your Closet

Organize your closets one at a time with a bit of motivation and inspiration from this closet round-up. Give yourself 15 minutes and see what you can accomplish. Start with your purge and donate piles and then categorize and group remaining items.  You’re now able to see what you have and what you may need to purchase for the perfect storage solution.

Share your recent closet organizing accomplishments!

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organizing essentials and some color splash:: weekly product pick

I frequently shop for clients and tend to buy the same essentials for common spaces found in most homes. For this week, I am simply sharing some stylish and colorful storage options for your home. All of these items can be found on the Simply Savvy Amazon store link, located on the Simply Savvy blog sidebar.


Canvas bins are great for storing anything. I use them on open shelves in living rooms, for toys in cubbies, in bathrooms for washcloths, and on laundry room shelves for products. The many ways you can use them are endless. They come in all colors and sizes to meet your purpose.



JJ Cole Collection


Rubbermaid Nesting Bins


These bins are packed with a bonus! They allow you to see what is inside, while keeping items protected and dust free. Fabulous.


Household Essentials



Adding storage with color adds life and fun to a space. These heavy cardboard magazine holders are perfect options for a child’s room or a home office.


Hampton Six Magazine Files


Plastic document boxes are flexible and can store many things, just be creative.



Whitmor Document Boxes


The best thing about storage bins like these is that they are flexible and can be used in many spaces, for many purposes. Love that–savvy savings.


How have you used canvas cubes or bins in your home? Leave a comment!



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maximize your space:: savvy solutions for organization

I have lived in a home where I felt that there was not enough space to manage my things, display my possessions, or allow me to function efficiently. I have been there and I find that to be a frequent statement from my clients–not enough room or they think they need to spend big money to address space challenges. This is why I love organization and redesign. I get to help clients transform their spaces by getting rid of clutter, reorganizing belongings, and repurposing and repositioning their things for better use and focus. These latest images from  are a perfect example of how to make your things special and function for your home.


This caught my attention because I recently moved a clients trunk from looking lost against a wall to having a greater function as a coffee table. This simple move gave new life to a waisted trunk. The idea of utilizing the interior of the trunk for a filing system or desk storage is brilliant. Linens, seasonal blankets, or keepsake items can also be stored in a trunk, but this function is simply clever.




I also admired these orderly bookshelves because of their multi-functional possibilities. If you lack a home office, cabinet storage, or closet space, utilizing bookshelves (built in or not) is a great way to stash your things. By keeping the colors and storage solutions uniform the shelves look clutter free, stylish, and purposeful.  Use book covers and a variety of  bins to store magazines, media, photos, or office files and no one will know what’s behind that lovely book shelf–until you share your creative ways! Surround your storage solutions with your collections and you have a very stylish bookshelf–with true function.


Of course, the main benefit for adding bookshelves is the use of vertical space. They are the perfect solution for adding space and storage to your home. Be savvy and save by searching garage sales, craigslist or your local thrift stores for solid shelving–and get out the paint.





Love the space you are in, be creative and create a new purpose. If you find yourself stuck, I’d love to help-submit your question at You Asked I Answered.



How have you been creative in your home, utilizing what you have? Leave a comment and share a link, I love sharing back!







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organizing with shelves:: weekly product pick

I was looking at the Spring 2012 issue of Storage magazine by Better Homes and Gardens and noticed several spaces that utilized an IKEA shelf.  There was so much I liked about the spaces overall; however, the simple and clean-lined shelving had me searching for product details.  They turned out to be the IKEA Ekby Bjarnum shelves; however, my product pick this week is any IKEA wall shelf with brackets. Adding shelves is such a great way to utilize the wall space for storage–we always love more space!


They are affordable, can be cut to size, and work with any style and in any space. The more, the better!


Ikea Ekby Bjarnum


See how stylish these shelves are in this dream office space? This is what originally captured my attention.



BHG with IKEA shelves


Take a look at the interest modular shelving creates–a great solution for a large wall needing a focal point too!  This adorable wall display is done by Honey & Fitz. Be sure to take a look at how they use their shelves in other spaces too. So cute!



They work beautifully in a small, transformed working niche. This very creative space is from Sarah’s House on HGTV. I enjoy her style, energy, and transformations. (I could not find the shelving info-they may be custom–but you can get the look with IKEA)



These create a very clean and industrial, modern vibe–perfect for displaying items. I love what Freckles Chick has done in her kitchen. Great solution.



Organized and stylized–lovely at re-nest.




Take a look at the Simply Savvy shelving board on Pinterest for more ideas! Hang it up for more storage and space solutions.


Has simple shelving transformed a space? Leave a comment and share a link!


Weekly product picks are products that are simply savvy and should be shared. They are not sponsor based or paid for features. If you are interested in being a sponsor, contact us!


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flexible and modular organization:: weekly product pick

I have stated many times that the best storage is flexible storage. Buying bins, baskets, jars, and trays to get organized is an investment for your home. That is why I want flexible, multi-purpose items I can make work in any space, any home, and for any purpose. Good storage solutions will maximize your space, allowing you to work more efficiently–and just feel better!


The two products I chose this week can be used in any cabinet or drawer, and for any purpose. The first is this expanding shelf I found at The Container Store.  This could be used in a kitchen cabinet, the pantry, the laundry room, placed on a closet floor, or hold bathroom goods. This one is a triple threat! It raises items for easy viewing, creates top and bottom space, and maximizes the vertical space.


Large Expanding Shelf at The Container Store


In the end, your cabinet could look like this by



…and this, with the use of a tiered expandable shelf.


My second product pick, shown here from The Contain Store, are modular organizers that can be used for silverware, makeup, jewelry, and that catch-all junk drawer. You can move them around, add as you need, easily clean, and use for multi-purposes. I use mine for kitchen utensils, kids meds and first aid, and for office supply storage.


The Container Store stackable acrylic organizers


Be savvy and save on storage solutions that are flexible, modular, and functional.


Do you have a favorite product for getting organized? Leave a comment!

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