Why hire an interior designer?

You could choose to manage your home renovation or full decorating project on your own, but have you considered the challenges and risks? Do YOU know the solutions? Are YOU prepared to spin your wheels and endless hours searching because you don’t really know where to go and what to do?

I sound like an ad ready to happen!

What you need to know when taking on a large project is that it can cost more, it can be more stressful, and it can take more time than you had planned. Plans? Do you have plans? Home projects take a lot of time and managing. So, you may not want too many plans. Now, planNING..that you need. Plan-have plans. (confused?!)

If you’re taking on your project on your own you’ll need to plan, research, interview your team, and get organized. The load and guessing is lifted when a professional is brought in day one of a project. We help plan, manage, and make the selections with your likes/needs/desires in mind. Sounds a bit better, right?

I love the process of transforming a home. The full transformations where a space takes on a new life is truly my favorite.

Here’s an inside look at two different size transformations- (my photos won’t compare to what the photographer will take so forgive me!)

It was time for this family of grown children to have an updated bonus room. The new design is inviting for the parents and for their adult children. They can now entertain, lounge, snack, and hang in a sophisticated-cool space. More pics on this one coming soon.

bonus room

butterfly shades

I designed a snack bar, large media/storage wall, built-in bed, and reading nook. This all started with a complete space plan change when I saw the potential in style and function this room could have. There’s so much more to share! A closet turned into a bath is also part of this transformation.

Here are a few shots of a larger renovation project – this living room was a two-story space. Beautiful doors open to a covered porch which expands the living space. The bigger change to this living room is the playroom that now exists above- no more two story ceiling. Comfortable and current.

family room

The new classic, white kitchen has an open layout perfect for entertaining and managing family activities.


More pictures are coming that I’ll share following a photoshoot.

Transformations big and small are successful when you have a vision, see the potential of a space, know the right sources, and have a good team.

I’d love to help you with your renovation selections, design needs, and decorating projects. Email Julie@JulieMontgomeryInteriors.com




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Dining Rooms and Romance

Dining rooms and romance definitely go hand in hand-but that’s not what this post is about. I have a dining room concept to work on so I’ll save that for a future topic. My thoughts today are on my love of a lantern hanging in my dining room.

I’ve shared the progress of my own home renovation and decorating on Instagram (JulieMInteriors) and I’ve been asked many times about the light fixture above my dining table.

dining room light

Meet Darlana by Visual Comfort. No glass to clean and it’s a terrific scale for above a dining table or a kitchen island. Classic.

Here is a pair in polished nickel.

kitchen lighting

It’s simple yet stylish.

Back to thinking about romance. Another project I’m working on is a master suite. My client wants it to be serene and calm with a romantic quality.

These Miles Redd designs for Schumacher would be a gorgeous way to add a romantic quality to any master bedroom without too much femininity. Pillows or drapery panels would be stunning! The colorways are gorgeous-see more here.


Inspiration starts in many ways but for me I love to turn to fabrics.

I’ve got one week until completion and install of a client bonus room- it’s Amazing! Also, soon to hold a photo shoot for a bungalow I’ve completed. So, here’s to great projects and sharing. Next, I’ll begin sharing concepts for new spaces – including a dining room and this master suite.

I’d love to help you love the space you’re in. See my services and email me at julie@juliemontgomeryinteriors.com


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Decorating and design inspiration

Decorating and design inspiration comes from seeing what you see.

On a recent trip to Rosemary Beach, Fl I was walking with my son and asked him “what are you doing?” he replied, “seeing what I see.” That is precisely the simplest way I can put it-See what you see.

Take notice of the details of what is capturing your attention or driving an emotion.

It’s the emotion we get when we see something we like that inspires and connects us–and that’s what you listen to.

Whether you are embarking on a full renovation or simply selecting paint colors (though I know that alone can be a daunting task) take time to see what you see.

You don’t have to go on a trip to the beach to get inspired. Walk your own neighborhood or be a tourist in your own city. Take pictures of what you notice and make a mental note of how it makes you feel.

I’m most inspired when I am at a beach. The colors, the sounds, the feel, the calm–and of course a break from the day to day. I get such clarity in thought and that impacts everything. The pure white shells I collected remind me of pure, simplistic beauty. Things don’t have to be much more than that.

Beach Inspiration


The color combination of the sand, ocean, and sky is one I’ve brought into my own home. Soft, soothing, and calming.


2015-01-17 14.43.15


I love design, architect, color, and the impact of lighting. Though I notice the big picture it is the details that make the whole so interesting. Take a look at these details and color combinations!

2015-01-17 13.45.41

2015-01-17 13.49.50

2015-01-17 13.38.42

2015-01-17 13.47.57

2015-01-17 13.45.03


How do you translate what you see to your own home? If the pattern on the garage door or brick catches your attention maybe you can use the look on flooring, tile layout, patio decking…


2015-01-17 13.43.48


This window adds such a simplistic wow factor.

Beach inspiration


I spend time in fabric stores, reading design books and websites, and browsing design centers to gain daily inspiration and creative ideas but the great outdoors is where I get clarity.  Walking and seeing what I see– that’s where you begin.

I’d love to help you create your vision so that you can feel great in your space. eDesign services and consultations are a great place to start! email me at Julie@JulieMontgomeryInteriors.com





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Building a House

Building a house and a business while settling two children following a big move- one word, overwhelming. I had good intentions that I would share the journey of our renovation every step of the way. That was before I felt pulled in too many directions-a thing called life. I had to make the decision to focus on my family and our future home and focus less on computer work or re-starting my design business. No, I didn’t stop sharing completely but I chose to utilize Instagram (@JulieMInteriors) more and more–which I love.  Designing our home was a labor of love and the final result is something we are very proud of.

It’s a New Year and I’m pushing forward with drive and determination. I am empowered and want to empower others.

The renovation process and the after shots will be shared as well as the honest obstacles and not so fun aspects of doing a big project. The Simply Savvy blog will continue to include design inspirations, tips, behind the scene moments, and so much more.

Through it all we spent a lot of time enjoying this!

Home Sweet Home


This is just one space that I’ll be sharing…


Entry Transformation


My design services are changing on my website. Please be patient with me while I accomplish the not-so-fun task of updating my web pages. Email me for service inquiries Julie@JulieMontgomeryInteriors.com. I’d love to help you Love the Space You’re In!






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Design and Renovate: A Lighting Plan

As we design and renovate our home it is essential that I stay a step ahead of the builder’s schedule. One of the most time consuming areas to consider in the design process is the lighting plan. You need to determine the locations and numbers of recessed lights, sconces, mounted lights, switches, outlets, dimmers…so that the electrician can get to work before the walls or ceilings are closed up. Determining the lighting plan is not easy and it ‘s not fun.

Sourcing the exact style of lighting could come later but I’ve already begun to play–and made a few decisions. I’m more of a I like it lets do this now type of person.

I am staying with the same finish in the main living spaces-polished nickel. You can see these areas from other rooms; therefor, I am mindful of the relationship they should have in order to get the look I want in the space. Here’s where I’m heading:



These are the jewels of the home! #followmyrenovation on Instagram (JulieMInteriors) too!

I’d love to help you in your space. See my services here. Love the Space You’re In!


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