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My favorite home improvement fix this time of year is gardening and taking time to re-fresh that curb appeal or back patio. Power wash, add new mulch and plant some needed color. Try sprucing up the indoors with these go-to ideas.


  • Streamline what you have. Live with the best of what you have.

  • Declutter the décor. Empty space is good space.

  • Update your photos. Group your frames or create a wall gallery.

  • Replace your accent color. Think 3: Pillows, vase, and candles.

  • Move your furniture around. Swap places with pieces.

  • Re-style your tables, bookshelves, and vanity.

  • Fresh flowers.

  • Create a sitting/reading nook just for you.

  • …and don’t forget to make your bed every day.

Simple reminders that will help you Love the Space You’re In!


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If Spring organizing, decorating, or shopping for that perfect item tops your to-do list I’d love to help you! See my services, here. Email me at Julie@JulieMontgomeryInteriors.com E-Design services are also available.


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So glad you have stopped by to Ask Simply Savvy! I enjoy sharing readers challenges in organization, time, space, and design. I also love to share your successful spaces. Send your questions and I will review submissions and may detail a solution in a regular post on the Simply Savvy blog. I might share product ideas, mood board designs, or provide a list of how-to’s or tips. I will answer all email, but will selectively post for others to see.

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rise it up…

I have several large built-in bookshelves in my home and am always trying to be creative with ways to add height, dimension, and group objects…and fill the space! I have been grouping smaller items on risers. Risers aren’t just for your baked goods or parties,  they create simple interest and add chic style to tables or shelves. It’s easy to change the items for a gathering, add holiday ornaments, or stack two risers for added style. Rise it up!

I grouped items in a crackeled bowl here. Why should this bowl be in a cabinet, right?

Grouping items that are similar in color, shape, or function can make a nice statement.

Repurpose bowls, risers, or trays and group your decorative items to make a quick change in your space.

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