Org Junkie’s 29 day challenge:: get organized

I’m delighted to be a sponsor of I’m an Organizing Junkie’s 29 Day Organizing Challenge.  If you need a kick-start to getting organized and you like to win prizes…then join Org Junkie’s challenge. Great GIVEAWAYS, and great guest post (wink wink). Check out the details below, add the button to your blog, and get ready!



Are you ready to make a change?  Are you sick of your clutter owning you?  Then join Org Junkie’s 29 Day Organizing Challenge taking place February 2012.


During the month you will concentrate your efforts on one chaotic and cluttered room and work to transform it into an organized and peaceful space instead.  You do need a blog for this challenge as you will be required at the end of the month to link up your post showing off your before and after pictures.  Don’t have a blog?  Consider starting one, it’s easy to do!


Read more challenge details here and get ready for your February 1st link up. Leave a comment and let me know if you are participating, I look forward to following (and sharing) your progress!


New!    New!    New!

We’ve added two new buttons to the Simply Savvy blog sidebar, Ask Simply Savvy and Weekly Product Picks. It’s now easier to submit your questions and follow the Weekly Product Picks.


If you know of an organizing product that you think is super savvy, send us a note here.



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flexible and modular organization:: weekly product pick

I have stated many times that the best storage is flexible storage. Buying bins, baskets, jars, and trays to get organized is an investment for your home. That is why I want flexible, multi-purpose items I can make work in any space, any home, and for any purpose. Good storage solutions will maximize your space, allowing you to work more efficiently–and just feel better!


The two products I chose this week can be used in any cabinet or drawer, and for any purpose. The first is this expanding shelf I found at The Container Store.  This could be used in a kitchen cabinet, the pantry, the laundry room, placed on a closet floor, or hold bathroom goods. This one is a triple threat! It raises items for easy viewing, creates top and bottom space, and maximizes the vertical space.


Large Expanding Shelf at The Container Store


In the end, your cabinet could look like this by



…and this, with the use of a tiered expandable shelf.


My second product pick, shown here from The Contain Store, are modular organizers that can be used for silverware, makeup, jewelry, and that catch-all junk drawer. You can move them around, add as you need, easily clean, and use for multi-purposes. I use mine for kitchen utensils, kids meds and first aid, and for office supply storage.


The Container Store stackable acrylic organizers


Be savvy and save on storage solutions that are flexible, modular, and functional.


Do you have a favorite product for getting organized? Leave a comment!

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