Simply Savvy Celebrates One Year:: Thank You (and a favor!)

It’s so hard to believe that one year ago I decided to start my own business and a blog. I am amazed at the success of my business and am still trying to figure out the balance of work and family.  One year ago I also chose to create The Simply Savvy blog so that I could share what I know, what I learn, what inspires me, and what I love with others. My hope has been that the blog would be a place of inspiration for others to create a home they can be proud of. I never imagined the community of support– from other bloggers, businesses, friends, and followers.

I believe beginning this chapter was the start of new things for myself. I didn’t know exactly where this door would take me. This is a journey and I am so grateful that I am welcomed into homes and into lives–and that you are part of the journey.

I believe in THINKING BIG. I believe in TRYING. I believe in GROWING. I believe in SUPPORTING others.

I believe that Simply Savvy (the blog and business) will have a great year full of new opportunities, greater sharing, feature rich content, great collaborating, and become your go-to blog for all things organizing and home. It’s going to be a fun year.

A little Q & A

I want to know what you want to know! Please share with me. (Those that blog love receiving comments and sharing!)

1. What makes you return to a blog?

2. What topics do you love to read about?

3. Do you subscribe to blogs? If not, why? How do you prefer to receive information?

4. What is your favorite or most frequented social media? I know, it’s hard to keep up with!

5. Where do you prefer to share or leave a comment? Blog post, Facebook, Twitter, Google+..Other?


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Thank you so very much for supporting me and Simply Savvy. Love the space you’re in!








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Simply Savvy Quick Fix:: Door Space is Clever Space

If you find yourself limited on space consider the interior of doors. Have you maximized all of your spaces? Be clever. Here are some inspiring ideas:

Hang up your cleaning supplies for easy access.


This is a clever solution for organizing bath items. I love the use of magnetic boards to hold containers. via pinterest


Consider using a hall closet or a guest closet door for craft supplies, wrapping items, or school supplies. shares this art closet that utilizes every space possible. Clever and savvy!




What do you hang on your doors? Share. Love the space you’re in.



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Simply Savvy Quick Fix:: Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

I thought we should start the week off with one simple organizing task–create order under your kitchen sink. Take a few minutes and toss out the old or unused items. Then, you’re ready to categorize and contain what is left. In case you need some inspiration…


I use lazy susans in medicine cabinets, pantries, and under the kitchen or bathroom sinks. They work in just about every space and create easy access to hard to see items.


I also always use verticle space by adding sliding storage. This door storage is a great solution–and I love the liner. Take a look at more details on this post at Mini Manor and enjoy browsing while you’re there.


image via MiniManor


Even a simple task like organizing under the sink can make a big impact. So, there’s a good project for you to start your week!


Share your space and your tips! I love sharing back.


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Spring Cleaning and Fresh Home Series:: Organizing Dresser Drawers

In our effort to create a fresh home, we’re kicking off this Spring Cleaning series with Closets and Dressers.  I chose to start with these areas because they are frequently accessed spaces that can be frustrating.  I love the reaction my clients have when they see the space gained just by doing a few things differently. Your issue may not be lack of space, so first work with what you have. We’re ready to Get Real, Create Boundaries, and Choose Essentials from this weeks Product Picks.


Get Real

To organize any space successfully you must evaluate your behavior with your belongings–do you pile, stuff, fold, or hang. This helps you determine what systems, containers, or dividers you need and how you will use them. This get real moment is important for any family member. I always ask clients to describe their impulse reaction and preferences.  The impulse tendency may need to change, other behaviors just need a solution.  Also, see what alternative space options are available in the house- think seasonal clothes, area for bags….


A designated home creates boundaries

If items are designated a home they’ll likely make it back in the correct space. Containers or dividers create boundaries. You’ll soon discover that if it won’t fit, you don’t need more OR if one item goes in, one must come out.  For parents, this helps manage their fashionistas desire to have another sparkly shirt.


Do you really need everything?

I always clear dressers and closets from all belongings, sort items, pair outfits, and then pull out donated goods. Think you’re done? You may find that seeing everything in good order often leads to more purging. It’s a good thing!


Ready Set – Get the Essentials {Dresser Drawers}

Once you determine what you are keeping, define what items need to be in the dresser and those that need to be moved to the closet.  Next, you’re ready to get organized.


I have used many of the Real Simple organizers for clients, purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond. However, they come in various materials, prices, and even in pink, so do what works for you.


Honeycomb organizers are great for rolled socks, folded bras, underwear or accessories.


Real Simple Honeycomb Drawer Organizer


Use dividers to section off items and keep them neat.


Real Simple 6-Piece Adjustable Drawer Organizer


Adjustable dividers like these serve many purposes. My favorite use is to fold t-shirts in a double fold with the crease facing up so that you can easily see the graphic pattern, style, or color. Dividers keep the shirts folded tightly, allowing you to sort by shirt type (long sleeve, short sleeve, print, colors…) Label the inner lip of the drawer and you’ll never guess where items go.


Bed Bath and Beyond Adjustable Dividers


You’ll be surprised at how much space you gain by using drawer organizers. There is simple joy in seeing what you have and being able to quickly access  belongings. Check the Simply Savvy Closet board on Pinterest for organizing inspiration.


Be sure to share your space challenges, questions, and fabulous transformations! I’ll be sharing Simply Savvy Reader Spaces and questions during the series. Subscribe to the blog and follow the fun on Facebook so you don’t miss a thing.


**{Sharing with:: Weekend Bloggy Reading at Serenity Now}**


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Spring Cleaning and Fresh Home Series {with Simply Savvy Reader Spaces}

Oh how I love Spring! It’s a time for outside play, planting in the garden, and enjoying the feeling of freshness and vibrance that comes from the outdoors . It also tends to be the time when we pull out warm weather clothes, put away winter blankets, deep clean our homes, and complete postponed house projects.


Spring is cleaning and creating a fresh home


To kick-start Spring cleaning, I’m going to be sharing a series of post on spaces that matter to you most–starting with:


 {Part 1} closets and dressers


Tips to follow:: organizing dresser drawers, how to gain space in hidden places, contain your items, fold and hang for space savings, my go-to products


Even better than my sharing is for you, my Simply Savvy readers, to share your questions, challenges, and images- either in this post, future post, or Ask Simply Savvy. I’d love to share your fabulous closet creation too! Be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss this series.


Check out the Simply Savvy Closet board on Pinterest for some closet inspiration like this lovely and orderly find…


by Real Simple



As you prepare for cleaning, you’ll likely have some great finds worth donating. I am happy to be a contributor for the Organizing Oracle located on the site. Search your area and see if a free home pick-up works for you.




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