Creative Corners

It’s the weekend and you’re hopefully in full relaxation mode. Wouldn’t you love a cozy spot to read (or hide) and relax in?

Find your corner and get to layering!



milton bonus room nook

This affordable nook has personality. I layered patterns, textures, color, and character. Boho chic. (Christina Wedge: photography)

milton bonus room reading nook

If you have a larger area and want to be a bit more planned- try a reading corner with built-ins and a multipurpose table. We added these delicious velvet drapery panels to warm the space.

A budget friendly option would be to incorporate free standing shelves (keep it sturdy) and a chair with an ottoman.

Stylish, cozy, functional, and flexible!

What creative corner can you come up with?

I’m always here to help! See my services, here.

Happy relaxation!


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Decorating and design inspiration

Decorating and design inspiration comes from seeing what you see.

On a recent trip to Rosemary Beach, Fl I was walking with my son and asked him “what are you doing?” he replied, “seeing what I see.” That is precisely the simplest way I can put it-See what you see.

Take notice of the details of what is capturing your attention or driving an emotion.

It’s the emotion we get when we see something we like that inspires and connects us–and that’s what you listen to.

Whether you are embarking on a full renovation or simply selecting paint colors (though I know that alone can be a daunting task) take time to see what you see.

You don’t have to go on a trip to the beach to get inspired. Walk your own neighborhood or be a tourist in your own city. Take pictures of what you notice and make a mental note of how it makes you feel.

I’m most inspired when I am at a beach. The colors, the sounds, the feel, the calm–and of course a break from the day to day. I get such clarity in thought and that impacts everything. The pure white shells I collected remind me of pure, simplistic beauty. Things don’t have to be much more than that.

Beach Inspiration


The color combination of the sand, ocean, and sky is one I’ve brought into my own home. Soft, soothing, and calming.


2015-01-17 14.43.15


I love design, architect, color, and the impact of lighting. Though I notice the big picture it is the details that make the whole so interesting. Take a look at these details and color combinations!

2015-01-17 13.45.41

2015-01-17 13.49.50

2015-01-17 13.38.42

2015-01-17 13.47.57

2015-01-17 13.45.03


How do you translate what you see to your own home? If the pattern on the garage door or brick catches your attention maybe you can use the look on flooring, tile layout, patio decking…


2015-01-17 13.43.48


This window adds such a simplistic wow factor.

Beach inspiration


I spend time in fabric stores, reading design books and websites, and browsing design centers to gain daily inspiration and creative ideas but the great outdoors is where I get clarity.  Walking and seeing what I see– that’s where you begin.

I’d love to help you create your vision so that you can feel great in your space. eDesign services and consultations are a great place to start! email me at





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Design and Renovate: Making this House Our Home

Renovating and designing our house means making big changes to the floor plan.  This 1970’s house has some nice features; such as, 10ft ceilings and a wide hallway on the first floor; however, there is much not working for us. The existing house has two master bedrooms, a two story family room, and too many walls for our way of life.

We made a big decision to close the second story of the family room and create a playroom/media room. The upstairs master is now going to become two boy bedrooms and baths. No small reno project here!

See if you can make out the plan in these images (not great).






The formal living room (typical in a 70’s house) is going to shift to make room for my (hers) master closet. We’re also adding a hallway guest powder bath, moved the guest bedroom bath, and raised all headers with wider openings too.

The first floor will be opened up with a larger kitchen, new mudroom with bath, and expanded laundry room. Active boys get dirty fast so having a stop, drop, and wash location was a must!

Big changes will make this house our home.


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Day 12: My Perfectly Imperfect Family Holiday

Merry Christmas Eve. My absolute favorite thing about this holiday has nothing to do with good gifts and pretty decorations. My favorite thing about THIS Christmas is that we created new memories and a wonderful perfectly imperfect holiday.


My favorite thing about this years Christmas has everything to do with the new memories we’ve made as a family. As you may recall we moved to Atlanta earlier this year. We thought we’d find a house within a few months but still find ourselves calling an apartment home. It’s not been the easiest thing with two active little boys but we have a cozy home and truly all we need in it.

As the holiday approached and it was time to begin decorating we knew that attempting to get our holiday décor out of storage was not such an easy task. My solution to this challenge was to just do our décor completely different this year and let the boys make most of the ornaments.

So, our holiday then became our handmade holiday. Every day after school the boys and I would craft whatever their creative minds came up with.

holiday ornament making

While everyone in blog land was sharing holiday house tours with beautiful mantels, trees, and entryways we were making our perfectly imperfect holiday décor. I know that we will soon find the right house for my family but we will cherish the simple moments we’ve created during our first family Christmas in our new home.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours. May your New Year be full of great adventure.

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Day 5: Decorating with Nature Inspiration for the Holidays

I change the feel of my holiday décor every year and this season I’m loving these nature inspired decorations. Happy decorating!


OB-Nature Inspired DecorAre you using natural elements or incorporating décor inspired by nature? I’d love to hear about your décor.

In case you missed them: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4

I’d love to help you in your home. See services here.




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