Home Organization with a Binder- Free Printables

Home organization can begin with one simple tool- a household binder. Do you have one place to keep your quick-to-access, daily information? Where do you keep addresses, emergency contacts, doctors numbers, sitter details, school contacts and calendars, gift cards, receipts, menu plans, passwords, to-do list, birthday invitations…? Wouldn’t it be easier to have ONE place where you go to access some of these things? A household binder is a great organization tool for anyone. My brain can’t hold all of this information, nor can I remember where I’ve kept it all! It’s very tiring.

I have sections, pockets, extra sticky notes, and blank note paper in mine. It also holds an extra checkbook, gym cards, medical cards, and those annoying key tag cards. Keeping it in view and in one location makes it a family tool.  Make your binder fit your needs. Create sections, insert your own charts/checklist, or add pockets. (I use several pockets in mine)

This is your push to get started! I’m helping you start your binder with some customized printable pages.

Click the image for access. Then, simply enlarge to see better and scroll to see each page. You can then download to your computer and print away!

binder image

Don’t procrastinate! This is a great first step to getting organized and your brain will thank you!

I’d love to help you with your home goals. See Services here.


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organizing essentials and some color splash:: weekly product pick

I frequently shop for clients and tend to buy the same essentials for common spaces found in most homes. For this week, I am simply sharing some stylish and colorful storage options for your home. All of these items can be found on the Simply Savvy Amazon store link, located on the Simply Savvy blog sidebar.


Canvas bins are great for storing anything. I use them on open shelves in living rooms, for toys in cubbies, in bathrooms for washcloths, and on laundry room shelves for products. The many ways you can use them are endless. They come in all colors and sizes to meet your purpose.



JJ Cole Collection


Rubbermaid Nesting Bins


These bins are packed with a bonus! They allow you to see what is inside, while keeping items protected and dust free. Fabulous.


Household Essentials



Adding storage with color adds life and fun to a space. These heavy cardboard magazine holders are perfect options for a child’s room or a home office.


Hampton Six Magazine Files


Plastic document boxes are flexible and can store many things, just be creative.



Whitmor Document Boxes


The best thing about storage bins like these is that they are flexible and can be used in many spaces, for many purposes. Love that–savvy savings.


How have you used canvas cubes or bins in your home? Leave a comment!



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organize your space::tips to starting small

I hear it often, and feel the tension with comments; such as, I don’t know where to begin-  It’s overwhelming – I can’t get anything accomplished. I hear it from clients, from friends, and from readers– I can get that way too. My words of wisdom (following a big hug,  a deep breath, and possibly a brisk walk) is to start small.


I believe writing down your needs, making a list of things to accomplish, and then prioritizing these tasks is step 1 for success. But, even the visual nature of a long list can make you feel frozen and unable to accomplish what you’ve set out to do. By starting with a small task, you gain momentum and feel accomplished. I’m referring to things that are quick fixes, take little effort, little time, and little thought. The success of completing something small feels good, improves your mood, and the feeling of being stuck in a rut lessons. It’s true for me with most things…exercising, house-cleaning chores, meeting new people, networking….


I hope this post will encourage you to start small and pat yourself on the back every step of the way.  You’ll want to think about how to containerize and label, but to get going, just get going! Here are some GREAT project ideas to help you get started and hopefully will inspire you to see the bigger potential of each space. Start small, but think big and love the results!


Beauty clean-up: Get rid of old or unused beauty products that you’ve held onto, and wash your make-up brushes.


Simple and organized by, Made By Girl



Streamline your media: Pull out your CDs, DVDs, and games and make a pile of those you don’t use. Be sure to sell used media and make some $$! Replace in containers.


This look by Deliciously Organized, could be used to contain many things; such as, media and magazines. It’s flexible, functional, and stylish.



Kitchen container clean-up: Empty your storage drawer and remove unused and unmatched containers. Place remaining items inside one another for instant containers.


I {heart} i heart organizing and her organized, easy-to-find solution for kitchen items.



Sock and underwear drawer: If it’s a messed up mixture, just dump and sort the unused, unmatched, and too small digs. Replace by rolling underwear, and folding in matching socks. Make a note to get a drawer divider next time you are out.


This drawer in order by tatertots & jello shows you how having the right organizer, allows you to see your necessities–so nice.



Closet order: If your clothes are falling off the hanger, unbuttoned, and hard to find, take a few minutes to rehang, button-up, and color order your clothes. It makes a visual impact when you walk in your closet. If you need to purge unused clothes and store out of season items, divide your closet clean-up project into two parts- (1) purge session (2) order session


Tidy, fresh, and color coordinated.  Always perfect when it comes to Real Simple.



Laundry procrastination: If you’ve got the laundry room overload blues, here’s a few tips: Agree to fold for ten minutes, and then see what you actually accomplish-Just pull out large items like sheets and towels and see the pile shrink.  Also, wipe off the tops of the machines and counter to spruce it up. Trash the old, empty, and duplicate products-creating space and simplifying makes a huge difference.


The laundry room is one of my first rooms to organize, since I am in it daily. This transformation by Young House Love has to be worth it–simply lovely.



The list of ways to jump start your home organization is endless: email clutter, magazine clean-up, garage sweep, download phone photos, streamline dishware, silverware purge…I will be providing greater detail and tips for organizing each of these spaces and so much more. If you need even more ideas, see if the Simply Savvy Pinterest boards inspire you too.


Do you have a quick task that made you feel accomplished and simply happy? What tips do you have? If this kick-starts you to get organized, come back and share that too! Love to share back with readers.


If you need some extra help, submit your question for You Asked, I Answered.


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sleek and chic organization::weekly product pick

Getting organized is a task we do to manage our space, our day, and our lives. The tools we use to get organized can (and I believe should) add style and design to a space.


I’m always keeping my eyes open for things to share that is an organizing must-have; however, this week I’m sharing three organizing love-to-haves.


The first two product picks are from Wisteria. I received the current issue of the catalog and instantly loved these items.


This collapsible iron organizer can be used to hold your magazines, catalogs, design books, or files. I love that it adds a sleek and industrial touch that is very interesting. Of course, it’s functional and keeps items easy to see–an organizing must!



I can’t say it enough (I’ll keep saying it too!), labeling is a key ingredient to successful organization. My favorite labels are those that are flexible and add a pretty touch to your containers and baskets. These handcarved clay tags are a great solution. I like these for baskets placed on open shelving; such as, the laundry room, pantry, or bookshelves. These deserve attention!



My third product pick (by Three by Three Seattle) is one I found on Julie Morgenstern’s shop at OpenSky . (Quick plug: You should join that site if you have not already)


These writable bamboo panels are very flexible–you can write, hang, containerize, and stick items all on one chic board.


 Do you have a favorite organizing product you want to share? Leave a comment.


I was not paid or sponsored to share these products. I share what I find and what I really like. If you’d like Simply Savvy to check out your products, become a sponsor, or provide a giveaway, contact us for details.



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flexible and modular organization:: weekly product pick

I have stated many times that the best storage is flexible storage. Buying bins, baskets, jars, and trays to get organized is an investment for your home. That is why I want flexible, multi-purpose items I can make work in any space, any home, and for any purpose. Good storage solutions will maximize your space, allowing you to work more efficiently–and just feel better!


The two products I chose this week can be used in any cabinet or drawer, and for any purpose. The first is this expanding shelf I found at The Container Store.  This could be used in a kitchen cabinet, the pantry, the laundry room, placed on a closet floor, or hold bathroom goods. This one is a triple threat! It raises items for easy viewing, creates top and bottom space, and maximizes the vertical space.


Large Expanding Shelf at The Container Store


In the end, your cabinet could look like this by thesunnysideupblog.com



…and this, with the use of a tiered expandable shelf.




My second product pick, shown here from The Contain Store, are modular organizers that can be used for silverware, makeup, jewelry, and that catch-all junk drawer. You can move them around, add as you need, easily clean, and use for multi-purposes. I use mine for kitchen utensils, kids meds and first aid, and for office supply storage.


The Container Store stackable acrylic organizers


Be savvy and save on storage solutions that are flexible, modular, and functional.


Do you have a favorite product for getting organized? Leave a comment!

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