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All homes need a family landing zone where everyone knows where belongings go the moment they walk in the door. Create a family landing zone before homework gets lost, teacher notes get buried, and special dates are forgotten. The best thing about a plan is that your family, not just you, has a responsibility for their things. It’s never too soon to teach your kids how to be organized.

Some homes have mud rooms for shoes and coats or command centers for papers and mail. I like  a family landing zone that combines all things. So, I thought I would share my tips,  inspiring pictures, and products I find simply savvy.

To begin, determine where your family ‘drops’ things off when they enter the room–I call these your “footsteps” in your space. If you don’t have an ever-so-fabulous mud room, you can create a landing zone in the main family entrance in the home that will be just as lovely.

by Inspiration For Decoration

Next, determine what function you need your landing zone to have. Is this a place for keys, cell phones, mail, school notes, shoes, coats, bags, and pocket change? What creates cllutter in your daily juggling of activities? What do you need to be able to locate quickly? Once you have determined these things, you are ready to create your zone with some essentials.

  1. Hang it up for order: I suggest mounting decorative hooks, knobs, or a coat rack for items that need to be hung; however, an umbrella stand works nicely too.  Be sure to place your solution at a level everyone can reach.
  2.  Store the goods: You can use baskets, shelves, totes, or buckets as storage units. In fact, if you mount baskets vertically it adds a clean, stylized look to your room. Place bowls or other small containers inside wall mounted baskets or shelves to hold change and keys. Trays or folders work well for school work, lunch calendars, and in/out mail. Clutter control: Once you have reviewed the work or mail , determine what to purge and move any keep papers to a more permanent home. For school work, this would be your school year box, or childs work display located in their space. If you don’t have a place for the school work you want to keep…you need one!
  3. Out of site and out of mind: Use a magnetic board, cork board , or memo board to post important notes, things to sign, and dates to remember. If you don’t like to see floating papers, use hanging file folders and large labled clips for these things. Clutter control: If you get in the habit of posting important notes and dates in an online calendar with automatic email reminders, you will minimize the paper clutter.
  4. 10-minute clean-up: Any organized solution needs tweaking. Once you have put your landing zone in place and your family knows where things now go, determine what is working and what isn’t and make changes. At the end of each week file papers and/or clean out items no longer needed.

 These are great examples of a space that combines hanging, storage, and wall solutions.


by Under The Table And Dreaming


by Decor & You

 I love this option that uses a coat stand….but for a familly landing zone I still want to see a place for keys, papers….

Creative solution by The Yello Cape Cod. You can add a storage bench and baskets to complete the landing zone.

This family landing zone by Organize Magazine shows a great solution for wall mounting all things.


The ideas are endless but here are a few of the styles you could choose…




The Land Of the Nod












by Stacks and Stacks

by Stacks and Stacks


at Target














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