Superwoman Has Nothing On You

Superwoman is a powerful, beautiful superhero with a rocking body. I am not superwoman. I do not have super powers or the ability to fight bad guys while wearing heels. Where am I going with this?

Haven’t you heard people say things like “you do so much you are like superwoman!” I have. It’s a playful term for someone to say when they notice how much another woman juggles in her day to day. I’ve said it to others too in admiration of what ‘appears’ to be someone that has it all together. Let’s be truthful. No one feels like superwoman when they are going in ten different directions each day. How together does this sound? Unfolded laundry, a to-do list that’s never done, and that workout you promised yourself you would squeeze in, you bought your children their dinner from a gas station (yep)…and this goes on and on.

Add being a mom to a woman’s role and your even less likely to feel like superwoman. I don’t make the best dinners. I don’t force the veggies (these little people can break you down!). I’m not so sure my youngest has clean clothes on today and I’m so tired of cleaning around the toilets. Here’s the big thing I know about myself- I’m not good at the very hard job of being a stay at home mom. I’ve done it and I have plenty of days and breaks when I’m home BUT ongoing is not for me. I like working and doing what fills me up creatively. I add working mom outside the home to my list and I’m closer to wearing underoos than a superwoman cape.

I’ve always been goal oriented and very driven and I like that my boys see that part in me with my design work. It’s also my desire to contribute financially to the household and it gives me a sense of independence and confidence. It’s just my thing. I’m still at the bus stop and I’m driving to soccer practice and I’m checking emails in carpool. It’s a little circus scenario at times but the imperfections are completely fine with me. I also know that my desires or family needs could all change, and they are my priority.

That leads me to this. We all have a daily balancing act as women and likely never feel like superwoman. Let’s mix in those hard life moments we experience into our day to day tasks. These bumps in the road can turn us upside down, inside out, and make regular daily tasks seem out of control. This is where the superhero comes in. The daily task and juggling can’t stop–well, maybe they can be altered, delayed, or passed on to someone else. Sometimes the superhero is you, and sometimes we need a superhero.

I’ve had many life moments that changed my direction, my thoughts, my desires, and my needs. I shared just one directional shift here My Journey Began with Fear.  Bumps can sure feel like mountains. I know how it feels when you’ve got momentum going and the chain falls off your bike and you’ve got to shift gears. One year ago I had a leg cramp that wouldn’t go away. My inner voice (speaks beautiful Italian btw) was loud and I knew I needed to go to the doctor. They found a blood clot in my leg and put the fear in me about the seriousness of this. I administered shots in my stomach and took blood thinners and tried to not get injured. I had to wear a beautiful compression sock for one year. It’s been a year. During that same time my son had some intestinal pain and my fears briefly went back to his previous health history. He’s good, I’m good. Bumps can be the future driver of new things, good things.

Here’s a little thought I shared on Facebook:

Open permission to reinvent or restart at any time! We’re not boxed in. Whether it’s choices we control or those life moments we can’t control – we sure learn, evolve, and become our better-best self. All in time. Dancing and a little laughter are musts too.

So, to all perfectly imperfect women with juggling acts and wearing many hats you are superheroes. Superwoman has nothing on you.

I live a beautiful life. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a good friend. I’m so grateful.

Enjoy your Mother’s Day!


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My Journey Began With Fear

My Journey Began With Fear. Interesting title choice, but true. Have you ever stopped to think about what Your Story is? Not your history but what brought you to your current place, position, or passion. The reason WHY I began my business back in 2010 really came following a place of fear. The fear that I would lose my son to an illness he had been fighting for months-a parasite. It was a very hard time for me but one I learned from and it transformed me.

Let me back track a bit. My husband and I had moved to many homes and two states within a short amount of time-something like 7 years. I began to feel the desire to be grounded. If you’ve moved a lot then you know it takes time to establish yourself, meet friends, and find your place. It can really bring you down and it can strengthen your drive. I became very good at living streamlined, organized, and chose to be surrounded by the things that gave me joy.

I am a mom of two energetic, young boys and the last move we made was to Memphis, TN. I knew no one. Shortly after our move my eldest son became very ill. He was 3 and my youngest was 1. For months I was alone at home with a son in pain. Alone. During this duration and many visits to doctors and hospitalization I realized I needed a positive motto to focus on for him and myself. BIG-STRONG-BRAVE. That was it. We said only this during the really hard moments. It gave us something to focus on. Courage.

Months later he was kicking karate butt and building his body back. It was time for me to stop the super focused momma fear and turn back towards me. It was necessary for him and the rest of the family. That’s when I began to journal and write about my passion and why I wanted to help people feel peace, calm, and a sense of restoration in their home.

I learned how important a serene space really effects our emotional well being.

We continue our three words to this day- BIG STRONG BRAVE. We moved again to Atlanta and completed our own renovation and during yet another transition and starting a business over I keep these words in my heart and mind always.

I live efficiently and streamlined in my home. Not because I think I’m moving again but because it’s more peaceful that way. I know where things are and I’m surrounded by things that give me joy.

I am a positive, energetic, passionate person and I want you to know my story. I have a lot in my history but my story is about a mom who fought for her son, then fought for herself, and truly knows that YOU deserve to love the space you’re in.

If you are having a personal struggle or fighting an illness or fighting for someone else, use words that give you focus and that you can speak when words are hard to come by. You can use ours.

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