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No home is alike. No space is alike. No client is alike- and that is lucky for me. If you have a closet that has a closet system or an underutilized solution there are simple ways to improve what you have. I’m delighted that I can share a space from a lovely client.

Use the space you have and love it!

This is a master closet and an overflow for bathroom items and linens. The back of the closet is a large wall unit of cubbies. Storage needs storage!



Here is the current use of the vertical space. We wondered what was in the box?



Now, take a look at that wall. I first emptied the unit and established a purpose for the wall storage. Simple baskets became homes for scarfs, ball caps, and extra linens. A few of the homeowners sentimental decorations were added for that special moment I believe closets should have.

A simple area rug adds some style and an inviting feeling – we spend a lot of time in our closets and they should feel good.



Colorful bins were added to the top shelf to hold extra pillows, throws, and a keepsake box. (We still need to work on hangers and clothes.)



Enjoy your children’s handmade art from a box! If they are hard to part with then keep them and filter as you get more.



Their shoes needed a home. I chose to use shoe bins for seasonal and rarely worn shoes. This also provided more space to place current shoes.


A simple basket now holds extra pillowcases. They are easily seen and easy to put away.



Getting organized does not have to be expensive. Do you have an underutilized closet? Remove all of the items and start fresh. (Shopping note:: The lovely bins, baskets, and rug are from Target.)


I’d love to share a Simple Savvy reader space too! Send me a note. Leave comments-I love sharing back.


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Simply Savvy guest post:: Transforming a Closet with Canvas Bins

I love to transform client spaces. The small spaces can have the same impact and get the same reaction that the more time-consuming spaces get. It all feels good!



…and i’m excited to share this client space on I’m an Organizing Junkie. Take a look at this Before and go visit Org Junkie to see the transformation.


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Simply Savvy Guest Blogger Space:: The Organized Closet

I’m excited to share a guest blogger space and her spring cleaning closet tips– and affordable solutions! Welcome Lindsey.

Blogger Space:: Lindsey from Pinklet and C


To go along with my spring cleaning kick I thought I’d share the closet I organized for my friend a little while back.  We were on a tight budget and since she rents, we couldn’t make any major alterations.  I didn’t get a chance to snap any before shots, but here are the afters.

We organized all of the clothes by type.  On this side you can see the dresses. Below the dresses I used a very affordable cube organizer (I bought this one from The Home Depot – here).  We also bought a few of the inserts that go with it (also at The Home Depot – here).  The open shelves hold jeans and pants that could be be folded.  The storage inserts below hold some flip-flops, hats, and other accessories.

from the blog Pinklet and C

Take a look at the rest of the closet transformation and tips here!  While you’re visiting be sure to stay and browse Pinklet and C— she even offers e-decorating boards and services– that’s Simply Savvy.


Care to share your space? Send a note, we love sharing back!

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