Simply Savvy Headboards:: Creative, Affordable and Stylish

A headboard is really a focal finish in a bedroom. It draws attention to the bed-or to an empty space if there’s not one. There are many creative ways to get the look of a headboard or have a focal feature above the bed.

This creative DIY solution involves taking picture frames and attaching quilted backing to soften and add pattern and color.


Take a look at this affordable solution using a bench cushion and a shelf. You could even use a coat hanging peg board for a similar look. Very clever!


Create a very chic look by using vintage shutters, doors, mantels and windows found at local salvage stores. Leave the items in their rustic finish or get creative like this…


Another simple way to gain a focal point is to hang a blanket or favorite quilt over a mounted rod.


I’ve seen reclaimed wood used for headboards but never have I seen one like this..and I Love it!


A touch of creativity goes a long way. Love the space you’re in!


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Simply Savvy Repurposed and Styled Dressers

Dressers are flexible and easy to transform. Start with some paint, replace the knobs (and even the feet/legs), and determine it’s new function.

Find a style you like and create the look. I love the high-gloss and rich color of this dresser- perfect for an eye-catching entryway.


via Wisteria


Graphic detail and contemporary knobs give this dresser new life and great style.


You can always go bold–loving the color and the gold touches used here.




Take a look at how chalk paint was used to transform this dresser.


via Apartment Therapy


Removing the drawers to create a craft station with opened storage is very clever.


via Design Sponge


Spice racks were attached to this dresser for book storage- brilliant solution!


Ikea Hackers via Pinterest


Visit the Simply Savvy Dressers board on Pinterest for more ideas. Paint and a new purpose can add more mileage and function to a dresser. If you don’t have a dresser that you can repurpose visit yard sales and thrift stores for a bargain buy.


Share your dresser transformations. If you need ideas for your own space be sure to ask. I love sharing back! Love the space you’re in.


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Simply Savvy Design Inspiration:: A Day Shopping

I sometimes get distracted when I am out shopping for a client. This was one of those days. Local antique stores are full of possibilities. Have you found a hidden treasure lately?

Anything that can add architectural interest to a space grabs my attention.



So elegant. I’ve been eyeing this style for my own home.


Very unique.



A pair (or three) of these over an island or dining table would be gorgeous.


…or these.



This was actually my favorite find today. I would have gone home with one if they had a letter that worked.



Maybe I shouldn’t call this a distraction–it’s gaining inspiration! Does this sound familiar?


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purposefully repurposed:: savvy organizing

As someone who does redesign for clients, I am very big on using what you already have in your home.  There are so many functions one item can have, just look at it for the possibilities and not just what it was intended for.  The best ideas are those that are creative, clever, and at no or low cost.  I move furniture, pull things from attics, and use forgotten and under-appreciated items that have been tucked away.  It’s great fun to hear and see the positive reactions-and add life to once loved items.


You do not have to be crafty or even like DIY projects to repurpose an item. It can be as simple as using a small dresser for organizing art, craft, or wrapping supplies, or set up as a family communication center or mail station in an entry way.  An old shutter found at a yard sale is an instant magazine rack, a clear bowl can hold soap for the guest bath or buttons for a sewing station, small tupperware fits as drawer organizers, and plastic baby wipe containers have endless possibilities. Be creative, open your mind, and use what you have.


Take a look at these creative solutions, some crafty, some using easy-to-find items, and some using common household items. What do you love? Does this spark an idea for your home?


This magazine rack was made by My rePurposed Life; however, take the idea and modify it with your yard sale find.



Clever game containers by Jazzie and Tahlia.



I had to add in a transformation for those of you that like DIY projects. Use some paint, new hardware, and paper or stencil for a complete furniture makeover.  This is a great example from Little Green Notebook of how to make a hutch feel current.



Simply change the function of a furniture piece to meet a greater need in your home. Turning a hutch into an family organization area, or needed book shelves is a great solution.  This before and after armoire on the blog Armelle is stunning (check out her etsy shop too). If you don’t want to do the work to update an item, just use it for a new purpose.



You may have seen the recent weekly product pick for the many uses of pegboards…a great item for many purposes. Have you used pegboard?



…and how about using these easy to find sweater hangers for craft paper, construction paper, fabric, linens…or clothes!



It just takes a bit of thought and creativity. Check out more inspiration of how you can purposefully repurpose on the Simply Savvy Pinterest board.


What clever uses have you created for your home? Leave a comment and share a link. I love sharing back!



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creativity with pegboards:: weekly product pick

This weeks product pick is really all about re-purposing and being creative with an affordable hardware store find, pegboards. They are a great option for vertical storage, can be hung on an interior side of a door, and are easy to paint and frame for a quick style upgrade.  Storage does not have to be costly, just be creative.


Better Homes and Gardens  is clever in their pegboard uses, take a look at these inspirational ideas.






I love what The 36th Avenue has done by creating a jewlery/accessory station.



Check out more resourceful ideas on the Simply Savvy Pinterest board.


What have you used pegboard for in your home? Do you like the look? Share your comments and leave a link to your project!




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