Winter Weather Escape

Winter weather is pounding much of the country right now. I think they are calling this wave the Siberian Express. I’m not stuck in the snow like so many of you but I am choosing to hibernate more than usual during these low temps here in Atlanta.

What’s a person to do during winter hibernation?

  • Read missed blog posts and Facebook sharing. Facebook is not our friend. I rarely catch the latest posts or shares by those I’ve chosen to follow. For this reason, I search my Like list and go to pages and catch up on shares. I also do this for blogs that I’m loving. Just go to their site and enjoy catching up.
  • Organize a space for instant gratification. I don’t care if it’s my sock drawer, silverware, or toys, selecting a quick fix does wonders and usually leads to more organizing.
  • Do something with all those photos. Instagram, Iphone pictures, desktop folders… it’s overwhelming. I find that spending an hour moving, deleting, or organizing photos makes me feel so accomplished. I’m horrible at keeping up with photos. My goal is to get one album printed by the end of this week. Goal!
  • Enjoy a fire while watching your recorded shows on OnDemand. Why not? We don’t have to be productive all the time. Cuddle up with a throw and enjoy a daytime night routine.
  • Give yourself a manicure. That’s it.

A few images made to inspire.




What are you doing on these cold Winter days?

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7 Reasons Why You Have Too Much Stuff

Do you realize that the things holding you back, crowding your space, preventing creativity, and making you feel frozen is mostly just STUFF. Why do you have 8 pairs of black pants, 15 coffee mugs, 30 plastic containers, 5 pairs of tennis shoes,… and ________ (you fill in the blank). What are you really using? What are you loving? What do you require? It’s mostly just stuff.

What is the reason why your closets are full, your cabinets are over-flowing, your decorations are dusty? Do any of these sound like you?

1. I may need it sometime.

2. It was given to me and I’d feel bad to part with it…but I don’t really use it or like it.

3. I’m going to wear it again, I hope…someday.

4. I have an emotional attachment to things.

5. My children may want it someday.

6. It was my great great great grandmas and wouldn’t that be wrong to part with it or change it?

7. It was expensive. I no longer like it or use it but good gosh it was expensive.

and more and more….

So, are you hanging onto the past, choosing to not surround yourself in your style, frozen in old and ugly, unable to make expensive mistakes, passing on guilt to those you love, or are you just full of excuses.

Does any of this fit you? I’m not only talking about the person that has an entire home full of STUFF, I’m also talking to the person that has a crowded closet, could sell their own make-up line, buys mindlessly, or has decorative crap all over the house.

What should you do? Streamline your collections, your clothes, your yoga pants, your magazines/books, your jeans, your artwork… whatever the STUFF is for you. Pick a number and stick to it. For example, if you have 15 coffee mugs then choose 6 of the best and donate the rest. Most of us do not need 10 pairs of jeans. Challenge yourself to live with less. Live with the best of what you have.


Peace and simplified spaces to all!

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Organizing Your Closet

Organize your closets one at a time with a bit of motivation and inspiration from this closet round-up. Give yourself 15 minutes and see what you can accomplish. Start with your purge and donate piles and then categorize and group remaining items.  You’re now able to see what you have and what you may need to purchase for the perfect storage solution.

Share your recent closet organizing accomplishments!

OB-Closet Control

You can find many more closet solutions here.

If you need help organizing and/or decorating your home see my services here.


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Home Organization with a Binder- Free Printables

Home organization can begin with one simple tool- a household binder. Do you have one place to keep your quick-to-access, daily information? Where do you keep addresses, emergency contacts, doctors numbers, sitter details, school contacts and calendars, gift cards, receipts, menu plans, passwords, to-do list, birthday invitations…? Wouldn’t it be easier to have ONE place where you go to access some of these things? A household binder is a great organization tool for anyone. My brain can’t hold all of this information, nor can I remember where I’ve kept it all! It’s very tiring.

I have sections, pockets, extra sticky notes, and blank note paper in mine. It also holds an extra checkbook, gym cards, medical cards, and those annoying key tag cards. Keeping it in view and in one location makes it a family tool.  Make your binder fit your needs. Create sections, insert your own charts/checklist, or add pockets. (I use several pockets in mine)

This is your push to get started! I’m helping you start your binder with some customized printable pages.

Click the image for access. Then, simply enlarge to see better and scroll to see each page. You can then download to your computer and print away!

binder image

Don’t procrastinate! This is a great first step to getting organized and your brain will thank you!

I’d love to help you with your home goals. See Services here.


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Day 6: Organize Your Holiday Decorations

Now that you have opened your holiday decorations and unwrapped the last ornament it’s time to prepare for putting it all away. While you’re out shopping you may want to pick up a few of these items to help you organize your holiday décor. Happy Organizing!



OB-Organize Holiday Decor


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