Atlanta Home for the Holidays Showhouse

The Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Home for the Holidays Showhouse is an Atlanta tradition. Having just packed up my space at the Magnolia Designer Showhouse I was ready to stroll another beautiful home designed by yet another group of talented people.

Swoon over these spaces just a little and then take a friend and go visit this lovely home.

I’m crazy busy with countdown to Christmas break so today I’m doing a photo share and you can take a look at the designers here.

img_4438img_4439img_4541img_4486 img_4485 img_4541img_4502img_4508 img_4504img_4488 img_4455img_4469img_4451


I LOVE that this is another approachable showhouse we can relate to and take ideas from. Notice the details – that’s what makes a room special.

Some days are just nuts. Yesterday I went to the gym for the first time in a long time. I grocery shopped, visited school, had a morning visit of inspiration and sharing with another business woman, picked up the kids, helped with homework, fixed dinner, washed laundry (hubby folded), ran to tile stores, and worked until 8pm. My days are always a bit crazy but at the end of the day I’m with my family and everyone is happy, healthy, and together.

We need to add time in our day for ourselves so that we handle crazy days the best we can- for me it’s got to be exercise with no excuses!

Stay tuned for after photos of a beautiful kitchen and bath reno and progress on a large farmhouse inspired transformation (this is going to be good good good.)

I’d love to help you with your decorating and design needs. Email me at

Happy Holidays! Peace.


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Magnolia Designer Show House

The Magnolia Designer Show House came to an end and we’ve moved on out. I thought I’d post a final share for those of you that missed out!

I’m so grateful for the opportunity and appreciate my friend Betsy Riley (editor-in-chief Atlanta Magazine’s HOME), my new friend Beverly Baribault (Beverly Baribault Design Group) , and the team at Atlanta Magazine.

See the designers and their spaces in this issue-on stands now.


Take a moment and watch the video and tour house photos, here.

Here’s a last look at the sitting room I designed. (Marc Mauldin Photography). Casual, elegant and timeless.





One final thank you to the following fabulous participants.

Baker (at ADAC)
Contact: Vickie McCann

California Closets
Contact: Calais McGinness

Douglass Workroom

Duralee ADAC
Showroom Manager: Joy Coleman

steve mcKenzie’s
Accessories and original art
999 Brady Ave NW, Atlanta

On The Surface Design
Ceiling decorative paint
Contact: Patricia Presto

RS Solid Surfaces
Custom countertops

Christine Sommerville
Custom Paintings
Instagram: Christinesommerville_art

Thibaut (at Duralee ADAC)

Though the tours have ended you can continue to support the benefactor of this show house, Advocates for Children.

Finally, I love my husband and my two boys. I’ve been busy and they’ve been supportive, understanding, and give me hugs at the end of every day.

Time for the next adventure. I’d love to help you love your home. Email


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Freshen Your Space

Freshen your space with flowers! It’s Monday and why not start your week with a little inspiration and something so fresh…..

Julie Montgomery Interiors

Julie Montgomery Interiors

Fresh flowers and plants really lift the mood. Keep it simple.

(Photos by Christina Wedge)

I’d love to help you with your design or decorating projects- big and small. Email


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Week at a Glance

It’s beginning to feel like Fall in the mornings. I’m sitting outside on our porch planning for the short but busy week ahead. Here’s a bit of what I’m up to this week.

First, if you haven’t heard I’ve designed a space for the Magnolia Designer Show House in Cartersville, GA. The show house opens in October and tickets are on sale now. We’re adding final touches in preparation for the photographer.

Back when we were painting. This is the sitting room off of the master suite. Sweet and serene space. You’ll just have to see it in person!

Magnolia Designer Show House

This gorgeous fabric might be seen in my space.

My client work this week focuses on renovation projects. I always start custom design elements by putting thoughts to paper- gets the concept flowing. An elevation in CAD was created and approved. An amazing wall of shelves, a bar, and custom office unit is soon to be in the hands of the contractors.

On to finish selections! Tile, tops, and touches 😉

This porcelain beauty will cover a fireplace wall in a sleek, cozy-industrial basement space.

White isn’t always right… though usually it is. I chose a different direction for this master bath when I saw this gorgeous marble.

Ordering and final selections for a gutted kitchen is in the works this week too.

What else?

I’m always excited for first consultation meetings and this next one is with a new couple just starting out. Such an exciting time for them. I really love helping couples make a house a home with merging styles.

Lastly, the management task owning a design business comes with many to-do’s and I’ve got to catch up on some of those this week.

No, not lastly. Did I mention that I’m going on a group adventure to Round Top, Texas? YES!! I can’t wait to shop the market. Become a client and I can shop for you!  This will be so fun to follow along. If you’re local be sure to stop in at The Front Porch of Vinings. Lisa put together a group and we’re following her all the way to Texas for some serious fun and shopping. We’re meeting this week so talk details… and TX heat.

It’s only a four day work week so I’ve got a lot to do…and of course be a mom to my boys.

It’s September already?! If you are working on a renovation, new construction, decorating transformation, or room refresh I’d love to help. Email

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Creative Corners

It’s the weekend and you’re hopefully in full relaxation mode. Wouldn’t you love a cozy spot to read (or hide) and relax in?

Find your corner and get to layering!



milton bonus room nook

This affordable nook has personality. I layered patterns, textures, color, and character. Boho chic. (Christina Wedge: photography)

milton bonus room reading nook

If you have a larger area and want to be a bit more planned- try a reading corner with built-ins and a multipurpose table. We added these delicious velvet drapery panels to warm the space.

A budget friendly option would be to incorporate free standing shelves (keep it sturdy) and a chair with an ottoman.

Stylish, cozy, functional, and flexible!

What creative corner can you come up with?

I’m always here to help! See my services, here.

Happy relaxation!

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