Freshen Your Space

Freshen your space with flowers! It’s Monday and why not start your week with a little inspiration and something so fresh…..

Julie Montgomery Interiors

Julie Montgomery Interiors

Fresh flowers and plants really lift the mood. Keep it simple.

(Photos by Christina Wedge)

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Week at a Glance

It’s beginning to feel like Fall in the mornings. I’m sitting outside on our porch planning for the short but busy week ahead. Here’s a bit of what I’m up to this week.

First, if you haven’t heard I’ve designed a space for the Magnolia Designer Show House in Cartersville, GA. The show house opens in October and tickets are on sale now. We’re adding final touches in preparation for the photographer.

Back when we were painting. This is the sitting room off of the master suite. Sweet and serene space. You’ll just have to see it in person!

Magnolia Designer Show House

This gorgeous fabric might be seen in my space.

My client work this week focuses on renovation projects. I always start custom design elements by putting thoughts to paper- gets the concept flowing. An elevation in CAD was created and approved. An amazing wall of shelves, a bar, and custom office unit is soon to be in the hands of the contractors.

On to finish selections! Tile, tops, and touches 😉

This porcelain beauty will cover a fireplace wall in a sleek, cozy-industrial basement space.

White isn’t always right… though usually it is. I chose a different direction for this master bath when I saw this gorgeous marble.

Ordering and final selections for a gutted kitchen is in the works this week too.

What else?

I’m always excited for first consultation meetings and this next one is with a new couple just starting out. Such an exciting time for them. I really love helping couples make a house a home with merging styles.

Lastly, the management task owning a design business comes with many to-do’s and I’ve got to catch up on some of those this week.

No, not lastly. Did I mention that I’m going on a group adventure to Round Top, Texas? YES!! I can’t wait to shop the market. Become a client and I can shop for you!  This will be so fun to follow along. If you’re local be sure to stop in at The Front Porch of Vinings. Lisa put together a group and we’re following her all the way to Texas for some serious fun and shopping. We’re meeting this week so talk details… and TX heat.

It’s only a four day work week so I’ve got a lot to do…and of course be a mom to my boys.

It’s September already?! If you are working on a renovation, new construction, decorating transformation, or room refresh I’d love to help. Email

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Creative Corners

It’s the weekend and you’re hopefully in full relaxation mode. Wouldn’t you love a cozy spot to read (or hide) and relax in?

Find your corner and get to layering!



milton bonus room nook

This affordable nook has personality. I layered patterns, textures, color, and character. Boho chic. (Christina Wedge: photography)

milton bonus room reading nook

If you have a larger area and want to be a bit more planned- try a reading corner with built-ins and a multipurpose table. We added these delicious velvet drapery panels to warm the space.

A budget friendly option would be to incorporate free standing shelves (keep it sturdy) and a chair with an ottoman.

Stylish, cozy, functional, and flexible!

What creative corner can you come up with?

I’m always here to help! See my services, here.

Happy relaxation!


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Superwoman Has Nothing On You

Superwoman is a powerful, beautiful superhero with a rocking body. I am not superwoman. I do not have super powers or the ability to fight bad guys while wearing heels. Where am I going with this?

Haven’t you heard people say things like “you do so much you are like superwoman!” I have. It’s a playful term for someone to say when they notice how much another woman juggles in her day to day. I’ve said it to others too in admiration of what ‘appears’ to be someone that has it all together. Let’s be truthful. No one feels like superwoman when they are going in ten different directions each day. How together does this sound? Unfolded laundry, a to-do list that’s never done, and that workout you promised yourself you would squeeze in, you bought your children their dinner from a gas station (yep)…and this goes on and on.

Add being a mom to a woman’s role and your even less likely to feel like superwoman. I don’t make the best dinners. I don’t force the veggies (these little people can break you down!). I’m not so sure my youngest has clean clothes on today and I’m so tired of cleaning around the toilets. Here’s the big thing I know about myself- I’m not good at the very hard job of being a stay at home mom. I’ve done it and I have plenty of days and breaks when I’m home BUT ongoing is not for me. I like working and doing what fills me up creatively. I add working mom outside the home to my list and I’m closer to wearing underoos than a superwoman cape.

I’ve always been goal oriented and very driven and I like that my boys see that part in me with my design work. It’s also my desire to contribute financially to the household and it gives me a sense of independence and confidence. It’s just my thing. I’m still at the bus stop and I’m driving to soccer practice and I’m checking emails in carpool. It’s a little circus scenario at times but the imperfections are completely fine with me. I also know that my desires or family needs could all change, and they are my priority.

That leads me to this. We all have a daily balancing act as women and likely never feel like superwoman. Let’s mix in those hard life moments we experience into our day to day tasks. These bumps in the road can turn us upside down, inside out, and make regular daily tasks seem out of control. This is where the superhero comes in. The daily task and juggling can’t stop–well, maybe they can be altered, delayed, or passed on to someone else. Sometimes the superhero is you, and sometimes we need a superhero.

I’ve had many life moments that changed my direction, my thoughts, my desires, and my needs. I shared just one directional shift here My Journey Began with Fear.  Bumps can sure feel like mountains. I know how it feels when you’ve got momentum going and the chain falls off your bike and you’ve got to shift gears. One year ago I had a leg cramp that wouldn’t go away. My inner voice (speaks beautiful Italian btw) was loud and I knew I needed to go to the doctor. They found a blood clot in my leg and put the fear in me about the seriousness of this. I administered shots in my stomach and took blood thinners and tried to not get injured. I had to wear a beautiful compression sock for one year. It’s been a year. During that same time my son had some intestinal pain and my fears briefly went back to his previous health history. He’s good, I’m good. Bumps can be the future driver of new things, good things.

Here’s a little thought I shared on Facebook:

Open permission to reinvent or restart at any time! We’re not boxed in. Whether it’s choices we control or those life moments we can’t control – we sure learn, evolve, and become our better-best self. All in time. Dancing and a little laughter are musts too.

So, to all perfectly imperfect women with juggling acts and wearing many hats you are superheroes. Superwoman has nothing on you.

I live a beautiful life. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a good friend. I’m so grateful.

Enjoy your Mother’s Day!


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Why hire an interior designer?

You could choose to manage your home renovation or full decorating project on your own, but have you considered the challenges and risks? Do YOU know the solutions? Are YOU prepared to spin your wheels and endless hours searching because you don’t really know where to go and what to do?

I sound like an ad ready to happen!

What you need to know when taking on a large project is that it can cost more, it can be more stressful, and it can take more time than you had planned. Plans? Do you have plans? Home projects take a lot of time and managing. So, you may not want too many plans. Now, planNING..that you need. Plan-have plans. (confused?!)

If you’re taking on your project on your own you’ll need to plan, research, interview your team, and get organized. The load and guessing is lifted when a professional is brought in day one of a project. We help plan, manage, and make the selections with your likes/needs/desires in mind. Sounds a bit better, right?

I love the process of transforming a home. The full transformations where a space takes on a new life is truly my favorite.

Here’s an inside look at two different size transformations- (my photos won’t compare to what the photographer will take so forgive me!)

It was time for this family of grown children to have an updated bonus room. The new design is inviting for the parents and for their adult children. They can now entertain, lounge, snack, and hang in a sophisticated-cool space. More pics on this one coming soon.

bonus room

butterfly shades

I designed a snack bar, large media/storage wall, built-in bed, and reading nook. This all started with a complete space plan change when I saw the potential in style and function this room could have. There’s so much more to share! A closet turned into a bath is also part of this transformation.

Here are a few shots of a larger renovation project – this living room was a two-story space. Beautiful doors open to a covered porch which expands the living space. The bigger change to this living room is the playroom that now exists above- no more two story ceiling. Comfortable and current.

family room

The new classic, white kitchen has an open layout perfect for entertaining and managing family activities.


More pictures are coming that I’ll share following a photoshoot.

Transformations big and small are successful when you have a vision, see the potential of a space, know the right sources, and have a good team.

I’d love to help you with your renovation selections, design needs, and decorating projects. Email




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Business of Design

Did you know that a design business is a business? It’s a creative business but it’s a business. Businesses take work to succeed. No light bulb revelation I’m sharing but….

80% of the time for many business owners in a creative field is spent on business management. The fun stuff!! (said no on ever). That would be office, organizing, accounting, ordering, paper work, system development, calls… you get the picture.

That leaves 20% for creatives to do what they are passionate about-creating! Today, I’m working on the 80% and thought I’d share.

As a business owner I have goals and am always making sure that the actions I am taking, those that I serve, and how I am feeling, all align with my goals and my professional mission:

Service valued clientele with experience, expertise, and impeccable integrity, while following procedures that are structured, orderly, and clear. Always remain current, innovative, and imaginative producing distinctive designs and pleasing results for the clients I serve.

I always evaluate my message to ensure that I’m clearly stating what I want potential clients to learn about me. For example, I’ve got this on my website-slight tweaking needed.

With an eye for design and the professional know-how I see the potential of a home, allowing the true opportunity of a space to unfold. I focus on the details in design that elevate spaces and entire homes. I like to look at what can be and create more than a client has imagined.

It’s not marketing verbiage. A good designer gets an emotional reaction (creative juices in the works) when they connect with a space and visualize its future life.

details in design1

Here’s an example: I walked a potential renovation project the other day with a builder team sharing my point of view on elements that were required or desired for the home.  Elements that would elevate the style, function, and flow that this particular home was intended to have. It could be a glorious home- the way it was originally intended to be. Sometimes there are flaws in the initial design/build of a space that can’t change, but many times there are solutions to those flaws or ways to lesson the focus. Not all designers, decorators, or contractors can see true potential, true intent, true investment value, and true opportunity of a home. That is why I  LOVE renovations and changing the feeling of a space with design elements and decor. It can be so much more than a client imagines or assumes possible.

So, 80% business does include task that I truly like; such as, reviewing and reflecting on my mission and clarity in my message.

Did you know?

I’ve been sharing Details in Design on Facebook (Julie Montgomery Interiors) and Instagram (JulieMInteriors) from when I travel, work on projects, and tour showrooms. I’ll continue to do that more because when you notice the details you’ll see why you’re attracted to a space- you’ll see what elevates a designed or decorated room.

details in design2

Back to business!

“For more than two decades, Beecham Group has been privileged to work with many of the best Interior Designers in the Atlanta market and we count Julie among the best. Julie brought great ideas to the project and worked seamlessly with our team. We highly recommend Julie and look forward to working with her again on future projects!”

Whether you are needing turnkey service, design guidance, are redecorating a space, or are taking on a home renovation or new build, I provide expertise and use systems that keep your experience positive with pleasing results.

You can contact me at


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Dining Rooms and Romance

Dining rooms and romance definitely go hand in hand-but that’s not what this post is about. I have a dining room concept to work on so I’ll save that for a future topic. My thoughts today are on my love of a lantern hanging in my dining room.

I’ve shared the progress of my own home renovation and decorating on Instagram (JulieMInteriors) and I’ve been asked many times about the light fixture above my dining table.

dining room light

Meet Darlana by Visual Comfort. No glass to clean and it’s a terrific scale for above a dining table or a kitchen island. Classic.

Here is a pair in polished nickel.

kitchen lighting

It’s simple yet stylish.

Back to thinking about romance. Another project I’m working on is a master suite. My client wants it to be serene and calm with a romantic quality.

These Miles Redd designs for Schumacher would be a gorgeous way to add a romantic quality to any master bedroom without too much femininity. Pillows or drapery panels would be stunning! The colorways are gorgeous-see more here.


Inspiration starts in many ways but for me I love to turn to fabrics.

I’ve got one week until completion and install of a client bonus room- it’s Amazing! Also, soon to hold a photo shoot for a bungalow I’ve completed. So, here’s to great projects and sharing. Next, I’ll begin sharing concepts for new spaces – including a dining room and this master suite.

I’d love to help you love the space you’re in. See my services and email me at


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Behind the Scenes

Happy 2016 all! Have you set goals for this year? One of my goals is to share more behind the scenes photos and progress on projects here. I’m always sharing something, somewhere!

Do you follow me on Instagram at JulieMInteriors? If so, you’ve seen my daily adventures and places I go for my clients. Additionally, I’ve shared progress and final details of my own home renovation as well as quick video tips too- scroll down, there’s a lot to see!

So, now on with this goal. One project I’m finalizing in the next few weeks is a family bonus room. This space has gone from having no element of style or defined function to custom details that will last a long time. It’s going to be a sophisticated-cool space and a place that the parents will want to lounge in alone.

I changed the initial layout of the space and that allowed me to design a media wall, reading corner, lounge (bed) space, and snack bar. Now, the space has BIG purpose and function. A small closet was converted into a powder bath. I’ll be sharing how the space was utilized to make a bath work.

bonus room progress

Progress is dirty! I’ll share more of the full space so that you get a clear picture of the layout. Final images too, of course.

Do you have a renovation in progress? What are you working on?


I’m working on updating my HOUZZ page (goal #2) and using it for client work. Be sure to follow  Julie Montgomery Interiors.

“For more than two decades, Beecham Group has been privileged to work with many of the best Interior Designers in the Atlanta market and we count Julie among the best. Julie brought great ideas to the project and worked seamlessly with our team. We highly recommend Julie and look forward to working with her again on future projects!”


Let me help you love your space! See my services and email me at


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Decorating for the Holidays

Decorating for the holidays brings me great joy. I’m truly more of a do it as you go decorator when it comes to my home for Christmas. I love the event of opening the ornaments we use year after year while the fire is lit and music is playing. A very Norman Rockwell moment, right? Being a mom of two little boys really keeps the spirit and meaning in check.

In holiday decorating you can never have too much sparkle. Welcome to my home for the holidays!

Garland, lights, glass, and more lights are always a must. This year my Tree Classics pre-lit garland is decorated with beads and sweet glass birds mixed throughout. Our mantel seemed the perfect place to admire the sparkle and shine.


Holiday Decorating



Holiday Decorating

Our stockings were hung on the staircase with care–so that they wouldn’t fall in the fireplace or compete with my pretty garland!

Holiday Decorating

A touch I love this year are the wreaths hanging from our outdoor lanterns (also from Tree Classics). Notice the snowflakes? They’re repeated up the stairs and on doorknobs inside-I may be hoping for snow in Atlanta.


Holiday Decorating

Holiday Decorating


Holiday Decorating

Here are a few decorative touches throughout our home.

Holiday Decorating

Holiday Decorating

Holiday Decorating

Holiday Decorating

Holiday Decorating

It’s our second Christmas in our home following an extensive renovation. We had just moved in last year and I was a bit out of decorating motivation to do too much. It’s great to see our home sweet home festive for the holidays.

I wish you all Peace and Joy this holiday!

Be sure to check out more beautiful holiday decorating and tour these lovely homes too!

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December 4: Duke Manor Farm and 2 Bees in a Pod

Thank you Tree Classics for providing me with a beautiful garland and wreath I am sure to enjoy for years to come! (The opinions shared here are my own.)

Tree Classics is having a giveaway, see it here.

Thank you for stopping by Simply Savvy. Be sure to check out Julie Montgomery Interiors for your decorating and renovation needs!



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Atlanta Decorators’ Show House

The Atlanta Decorators’ Show House & Gardens (see details, here) was a highlight of mine last week. I toured this amazing French estate (Château Soleil) and was inspired by spaces created by a very talented team of designers.


I hate leaving out spaces and designers but there was not enough time for me to get it all captured. I could have spent all day there!

Enjoy a glimpse inside!

The grand foyer and rotunda, designed by Loren Taylor Interior Design, was styled perfectly.



Parker Kennedy Living designed this study with layers and layers of color, pattern, collections, and mixed finishes- so many details!



Michel Boyd with SMITHBOYD Interiors wowed me with this gallery wall of stunning art. This living room could be a hotel lounge. It’s luxurious, sexy, and very sophisticated.



I greatly enjoyed speaking to as many of the designers as I could fit into my time; however, Vern Yip (Vern Yip Designs) was a big highlight for me. I am such a fan of his style and loved the details he used in his fabric selections (his line from Calico Corners).



I’m a (new) big fan of Robert Brown (Robert Brown Interior Design). He gets me. Well, his master suite in its streamlined, classic-elegance is very much me and my style- we’ve yet to meet.



Television host, designer, and contractor Chip Wade (Chip Wade Creative) partnered with Frontgate to create the front terrace and side patio spaces- truly an outdoor room I could lounge in.



These beautiful customized pulls were spotted in the updated butler’s pantry designed by Stuart Pliner. The dining hallway is dramatic and stunning.



There were so many spaces to see. I wish I could capture every detail and every designer for you to enjoy. Fortunately, there are many images floating around where you can see full spaces from every designer so I’m simply showing details of as many spaces as I can today.

It’s in the details!

Patricia McLean Interiors added this collection of commissioned art to her designed guest suite.



Melanie Turner Interiors created a ‘more is more’ guest room with details that truly made it a special space.



Kimberly Grigg (Knotting Hill Interiors) pulled in a few personal family items in her design. When designing a nursery she likes to keep it serene and sophisticated for the parents.



Ann Wisniewski (AJW Designs) used this attention grabbing pattern in her design of the kitchen powder bath.



Staci Steen (Steen Designs) shows us how elegant a power bath can be. Look at this beautiful flocked wall covering. When you are in this space you notice the amount of light reflection due to the pearlized background on the wall covering as well as in the paint selection. Details!



Robin LaMonte (Rooms Revamped) updated the kitchen with the use of these Taylor Burke fixtures. Lighting can lift a space up to a higher level. I’ve shared my love for good lighting during my renovation posts, here. Updated lighting is worth the investment.



Jessica Bradley designed a laundry room worthy of hanging out in as well as this study for the lady of the house. This would be my mom is in time-out space.



I installed cork flooring in my laundry room and highly recommend it; however, it is not as stylish as this! Yes, this is cork flooring. Nina Nash with Mathews Furniture + Design created a very stylish back hallway.



I hope you’ve been inspired by these spaces and details.

I can help you add show house worthy details to your home- but with pets, kids, and laundry that’s not been washed. Inquire at and be sure to check out





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