Atlanta Decorators’ Show House

The Atlanta Decorators’ Show House & Gardens (see details, here) was a highlight of mine last week. I toured this amazing French estate (Château Soleil) and was inspired by spaces created by a very talented team of designers.


I hate leaving out spaces and designers but there was not enough time for me to get it all captured. I could have spent all day there!

Enjoy a glimpse inside!

The grand foyer and rotunda, designed by Loren Taylor Interior Design, was styled perfectly.



Parker Kennedy Living designed this study with layers and layers of color, pattern, collections, and mixed finishes- so many details!



Michel Boyd with SMITHBOYD Interiors wowed me with this gallery wall of stunning art. This living room could be a hotel lounge. It’s luxurious, sexy, and very sophisticated.



I greatly enjoyed speaking to as many of the designers as I could fit into my time; however, Vern Yip (Vern Yip Designs) was a big highlight for me. I am such a fan of his style and loved the details he used in his fabric selections (his line from Calico Corners).



I’m a (new) big fan of Robert Brown (Robert Brown Interior Design). He gets me. Well, his master suite in its streamlined, classic-elegance is very much me and my style- we’ve yet to meet.



Television host, designer, and contractor Chip Wade (Chip Wade Creative) partnered with Frontgate to create the front terrace and side patio spaces- truly an outdoor room I could lounge in.



These beautiful customized pulls were spotted in the updated butler’s pantry designed by Stuart Pliner. The dining hallway is dramatic and stunning.



There were so many spaces to see. I wish I could capture every detail and every designer for you to enjoy. Fortunately, there are many images floating around where you can see full spaces from every designer so I’m simply showing details of as many spaces as I can today.

It’s in the details!

Patricia McLean Interiors added this collection of commissioned art to her designed guest suite.



Melanie Turner Interiors created a ‘more is more’ guest room with details that truly made it a special space.



Kimberly Grigg (Knotting Hill Interiors) pulled in a few personal family items in her design. When designing a nursery she likes to keep it serene and sophisticated for the parents.



Ann Wisniewski (AJW Designs) used this attention grabbing pattern in her design of the kitchen powder bath.



Staci Steen (Steen Designs) shows us how elegant a power bath can be. Look at this beautiful flocked wall covering. When you are in this space you notice the amount of light reflection due to the pearlized background on the wall covering as well as in the paint selection. Details!



Robin LaMonte (Rooms Revamped) updated the kitchen with the use of these Taylor Burke fixtures. Lighting can lift a space up to a higher level. I’ve shared my love for good lighting during my renovation posts, here. Updated lighting is worth the investment.



Jessica Bradley designed a laundry room worthy of hanging out in as well as this study for the lady of the house. This would be my mom is in time-out space.



I installed cork flooring in my laundry room and highly recommend it; however, it is not as stylish as this! Yes, this is cork flooring. Nina Nash with Mathews Furniture + Design created a very stylish back hallway.



I hope you’ve been inspired by these spaces and details.

I can help you add show house worthy details to your home- but with pets, kids, and laundry that’s not been washed. Inquire at and be sure to check out






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Spring into Color

Spring is finally here. Let’s start by welcoming Spring with a look at this bold, beautiful fabric.


What does Spring mean to you? For me it’s getting back outside and enjoying the extended daylight with my boys. It’s also lounging outside while I can before the mosquitos swarm our yard. I’m excited for our first Spring in our home and am ready to focus on the landscape. I love to plant and there is much to do.

Spring is also all about color. My wardrobe doesn’t look as drab and my toenails get some attention.  My home also gets touches of bright, fresh color with a few decorative additions and always fresh flowers. Do you need a bit of inspiration? (See the sources here)


Julie Montgomery

Julie Montgomery


Spring is also a good time to hit the refresh button with my personal goals and set out to challenge myself in new ways. I hope you’ve seen my #instatip Thursday quick video clips on Instagram. You never know what I might have to say or share. Follow on Instagram and JulieMInteriors.


I’d love to help you refresh your space for Spring. See my services, here. You can also email me at


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Decorate with a Vision

Decorate with a vision in mind when you are not really sure what you like or most importantly how you want to feel in your space. If you don’t know where to begin decorating your space go visit your nearest fabric store and pull out prints and colors that strike an emotion in you. Not the THIS IS THE UGLIEST thing ever kind of emotion, right? More like, I like this but I’m not sure how I’d use it.

Take your fabric samples and play with color schemes, patterns, and textures. Don’t sweat over it. You’ll FEEL what works for you. By creating your vision for the overall space you may find it easier to select your paint colors, bedding, or begin with a few select pieces.

Here are a few of my recent loves for boy and girl spaces and that calming living space.

My favorite colors- BLUES. I happen to love transitional style and the larger scale fabric on top would make fabulous drapery.

Still overwhelmed or need guidance on creating YOUR vision? I’d love to help you. See me services (including e-Design) here.


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Decorative Solutions for a Cool Space

Decorative solutions for a cool space can be as simple as adding a potted plant or a wooden tray. I have marble countertops in my kitchen and master bath and I look for ways to add that cozy layer. Though I do think a white ceramic vase with flowers on an island is simple and pretty, adding something rustic or earthy to a countertop or tiled floor keeps the space from feeling sterile.

A  textured or aged decoration provides balance, interest, and calms a space.

Here are a few simple additions you can add to your space. These are common items that can be found in your favorite budget-friendly shop too.  You can’t go wrong with baskets, copper, wood, greenery, and a touch of kilim. Remember to keep it simple!

All of these items can be seen in more detail here.

I’d love to help you add warm details to your space. See or email me at


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My Journey Began With Fear

My Journey Began With Fear. Interesting title choice, but true. Have you ever stopped to think about what Your Story is? Not your history but what brought you to your current place, position, or passion. The reason WHY I began my business back in 2010 really came following a place of fear. The fear that I would lose my son to an illness he had been fighting for months-a parasite. It was a very hard time for me but one I learned from and it transformed me.

Let me back track a bit. My husband and I had moved to many homes and two states within a short amount of time-something like 7 years. I began to feel the desire to be grounded. If you’ve moved a lot then you know it takes time to establish yourself, meet friends, and find your place. It can really bring you down and it can strengthen your drive. I became very good at living streamlined, organized, and chose to be surrounded by the things that gave me joy.

I am a mom of two energetic, young boys and the last move we made was to Memphis, TN. I knew no one. Shortly after our move my eldest son became very ill. He was 3 and my youngest was 1. For months I was alone at home with a son in pain. Alone. During this duration and many visits to doctors and hospitalization I realized I needed a positive motto to focus on for him and myself. BIG-STRONG-BRAVE. That was it. We said only this during the really hard moments. It gave us something to focus on. Courage.

Months later he was kicking karate butt and building his body back. It was time for me to stop the super focused momma fear and turn back towards me. It was necessary for him and the rest of the family. That’s when I began to journal and write about my passion and why I wanted to help people feel peace, calm, and a sense of restoration in their home.

I learned how important a serene space really effects our emotional well being.

We continue our three words to this day- BIG STRONG BRAVE. We moved again to Atlanta and completed our own renovation and during yet another transition and starting a business over I keep these words in my heart and mind always.

I live efficiently and streamlined in my home. Not because I think I’m moving again but because it’s more peaceful that way. I know where things are and I’m surrounded by things that give me joy.

I am a positive, energetic, passionate person and I want you to know my story. I have a lot in my history but my story is about a mom who fought for her son, then fought for herself, and truly knows that YOU deserve to love the space you’re in.

If you are having a personal struggle or fighting an illness or fighting for someone else, use words that give you focus and that you can speak when words are hard to come by. You can use ours.

2015-01-17 11.13.52


I’d love to help you in your home. Email



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Textile Design

Textile design begins with a talented artist with great vision. This is my part 2 to my original post Featuring Textile Designers where I feature the first two of my must follow artist and designers.

My first spotlight is an easy one for me because he’s located in Atlanta and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him.

Steve McKenzie

Steve McKenzie is an artist, designer and owner (with his lovely wife Jill) of the interiors and lifestyle store Steve McKenzie’s. When you visit the store you may find Steve in the upstairs loft painting a piece of art that might just become his next addition to his fabric collection.


Steve McKenzie via HouseBeautiful

Steve McKenzie via HouseBeautiful


Steve Mckenzie fabric

Steve McKenzie’s


I love this scalloped design they’ve used on these chairs. Isn’t this entire dining ensemble fabulous?


Steve McKenzie's

Steve McKenzie’s


Design Tip: Consider updating the upholstery of a more traditional chair or antique with a fabric that has a modern or graphic pattern to get a refreshed, updated result.

Be sure to follow Steve McKenzie’s on Instagram, here. Follow the blog, here.

Steve McKenzie's Instagram

Steve McKenzie’s Instagram


Cotton and Quill

I love it when the stars align and good collaborations are close to home. Steve McKenzie’s has partnered with Alabama based textile designer, Mary Catherine Folmar of  Cotton + Quill. (I actually had already selected these two as my next feature before I heard that Steve McKenzie’s will carry this fabric collection–yay!)

Cotton and Quill’s fabric collection takes inspiration from the south and revs up the interest with vibrant colors and bold, artistic patterns.


Cotton + Quill

Cotton + Quill


Punchy colors and fun patterns can transform an entire space with just a single piece of furniture or a few sofa pillows.

I recently visited Cotton and Quill while attending AmericasMart Atlanta. It was great seeing her fabric collection in person as well as the launch of her new wallpaper line. I absolutely loved this grass cloth-stunning!


Cotton + Quill

Cotton + Quill


Talk about good collaborations.  Cotton and Quill partnered with Taylor Burke Home and upholstered some of their furnishings. A perfect marriage! (image taken at AmericasMart Atlanta during market week)


Cotton + Quill fabric with Taylor Burke Home

Cotton + Quill fabric with Taylor Burke Home


Be sure to follow Cotton and Quill on Instagram, here. If you are in Atlanta stop by Steve McKenzie’s for your shopping needs and be sure to check out Steve’s fabric collection as well as Cotton and Quill.


Sharing the talent of others as well as introducing you to fabric collections you may not already know about is fun! Wouldn’t you love to have these stylish fabrics in your home? I’d love to help. Be sure to visit or email me at and I’ll help you Love the Space You’re In!




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Winter Weather Escape

Winter weather is pounding much of the country right now. I think they are calling this wave the Siberian Express. I’m not stuck in the snow like so many of you but I am choosing to hibernate more than usual during these low temps here in Atlanta.

What’s a person to do during winter hibernation?

  • Read missed blog posts and Facebook sharing. Facebook is not our friend. I rarely catch the latest posts or shares by those I’ve chosen to follow. For this reason, I search my Like list and go to pages and catch up on shares. I also do this for blogs that I’m loving. Just go to their site and enjoy catching up.
  • Organize a space for instant gratification. I don’t care if it’s my sock drawer, silverware, or toys, selecting a quick fix does wonders and usually leads to more organizing.
  • Do something with all those photos. Instagram, Iphone pictures, desktop folders… it’s overwhelming. I find that spending an hour moving, deleting, or organizing photos makes me feel so accomplished. I’m horrible at keeping up with photos. My goal is to get one album printed by the end of this week. Goal!
  • Enjoy a fire while watching your recorded shows on OnDemand. Why not? We don’t have to be productive all the time. Cuddle up with a throw and enjoy a daytime night routine.
  • Give yourself a manicure. That’s it.

A few images made to inspire.




What are you doing on these cold Winter days?

Catch up with me on and see how I can help you Love the Space You’re In.


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Lighting Design

Lighting design is by far one of the most important elements in a home update, renovation, or new build. Don’t let lighting be something that you just grab during a panic attack because your electrician needed it yesterday! Don’t do it. Plan for all of your lighting in the beginning of your project.

Your electrician is going to ask you what type of light will be used in every single space during the framing phase of a construction project. They need to know the type of fixture you will want installed. Is it a ceiling fan with or without a light, a semi-flush mount, flush mount, pendant, chandelier, sconce, recessed…and on and on. Then, your electrician will need to know the location of light switches and which require dimmers…and on and on.

You then need to consider if any rooms require floor outlets – and that you may only know if you know your space plan and furniture layout. Oh, and then there’s the location of cables, phones, speakers…. It’s a lot! I shared the importance of planning in this post (here).

Back to lighting.

I planned out the lighting needs in our renovation when the project first began. This does not mean I chose the exact fixtures but I did have some clear idea of what was needed and what I liked. Lighting makes a space and can set the style in your home.

The wow factor when you walk in my home is our entry chandelier illuminating the barrel ceiling-which we added and love.



The lighting choices in our open living space work together in my transitional style but have different finishes and interest. Here’s a glimpse of some of our lighting.



I won’t leave you hanging on this topic because there is so much more! I happen to LOVE lighting and what it does to a space. It’s magic! If you need help with your project I offer a Renovation Rescue service along with my other services, here.

I’d love to help you Love the Space You’re In! Email



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Featuring Textile Designers

Featuring textile designers seemed only fitting when I tell you I LOVE what these talented artist create and the process that goes into textile design.  So, I’ll be sharing two today and another two talented artist and designers next week.

Be sure to follow those featured!

I’m totally a kid in a candy store when it comes to fabric stores/showrooms. The process behind the beautiful textiles begins with a very talented artist.

Artist and designer Rebecca Atwood shares her latest collections as well as sketches in progress on her blog, here. Be sure to check our her shop too. I absolutely love her line and hope to use it in a future project!

Rebecca-Atwood-January-Fabrics-01 Rebecca-Atwood-Sketchbook-13

A piece of artwork that is then seen on pillows, window treatments, wall coverings, or table linens is just amazing to me. A great example of the full process from art to textile can be seen by following Designers Guild and its founder, artist, and designer Tricia Guild.

I love their use of scale in patterns and color combinations and am inspired watching how Tricia Guild and her team pull it all together for a completed designed line.

Designers Guild Winter Blues

Tricia starts with inspiration that then gets turned into the beginnings of a mood board. See a glimpse into the world of Designers Guild by watching this video with Tricia, here.

 AMAZING artist, designers, creators, style setters–inspiration overload!

Be sure to follow todays features on social media. I happen to love Instagram for those in-the-moment images. Follow me there too! @JulieMInteriors

Rebecca Atwood on IG is: Rebecca_Atwood and Designers Guild on IG is: Designersguild

I’d love to help you in your space. Be sure to check out I’m here to help you Love the Space You’re In and make sure you have fun along the way.







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Avoid costly renovating mistakes

Avoid costly renovating mistakes by taking time to plan and get educated. Have you ever bought a piece of furniture only to later feel that the comfort, size, or style was completely wrong? Hiring a designer can SAVE you (necessary plug!)  This may be a costly mistake but one that will  pass fairly quickly. Now, what if you knocked down a wall or had tile installed and the color was all wrong? That’s one you may have to live with longer… or permanently if you’ve opened up a space you now regret.

Ask yourself LOTS OF QUESTIONS. How do you want the space to function? How do you want to move throughout the space? What does the home lack for your lifestyle? What will you miss if you remove that closet or select a pedestal sink with no storage? Where’s your stuff going to hide?

Consider the entire home even if you are changing a smaller space.

Before you make a big change to your space find out if it’s good for the value of the house. Ask a really good local realtor that knows your hood.

In my own home I chose to take a large formal living room and turn it into a small study in order to gain closet space in the master bedroom. (This picture was take when I was first unpacking)

2014-10-22 13.15.40


I absolutely love this space-the detail, richness, and size make it usable and very inviting. In addition, I now have ample storage for my things in the master.


master closet


Don’t make costly mistakes. Know what things cost and ask experts. I’d love to help with your renovation rescue. There are so many options out there that selecting can be overwhelming. Email and follow me on Instagram at JulieMInteriors. Go to for more



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