Decorative Solutions for a Cool Space

Decorative solutions for a cool space can be as simple as adding a potted plant or a wooden tray. I have marble countertops in my kitchen and master bath and I look for ways to add that cozy layer. Though I do think a white ceramic vase with flowers on an island is simple and pretty, adding something rustic or earthy to a countertop or tiled floor keeps the space from feeling sterile.

A  textured or aged decoration provides balance, interest, and calms a space.

Here are a few simple additions you can add to your space. These are common items that can be found in your favorite budget-friendly shop too.  You can’t go wrong with baskets, copper, wood, greenery, and a touch of kilim. Remember to keep it simple!

All of these items can be seen in more detail here.

I’d love to help you add warm details to your space. See or email me at

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