Simply Savvy Decorating Tip:: Go Big and Bold with Pattern

Have you walked into a space that you love and just stood still and took notice of the details? Do you know what it is you love about the space? It might be the layers of textiles, decorative touches, the mixture of finishes, or the combination of it all that speaks to you . Our eye grabs on to a focal point in a space yet so many of us have neutral spaces that lack a wow factor–it could just be a subtle wow vs. an in-your-face wow.

Large, bold, graphic patterns add interest and great style to a space. If your space could use a little oomph try replacing your draperies with a bold and beautiful pattern–and a little wow!


Love the space you’re in! If you need a little help in your space take a look at Simply Savvy’s services.


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  1. The pop of design/color in the curtains is great in each of the pictures. It does add a touch of pop!! I loved them all!! I usually go for plain basic colors that match the room, but I love the texture the curtains add to the room. It brings it all together!! Thanks for opening my eyes!!

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