Simply Savvy Organizing:: A One Hour Weekend Project

Weekends are for relaxing and doing things to help you feel better the rest of the week. If you only had one hour this weekend to accomplish one house project what could it be? (and yes, you have the time) Get motivated with this inspiration::

1. Sort bills and file keep papers

2. Purge last years school work and art papers that are not worth keeping

3. Clean-out dated and unused make-up or bath products

4. Donate toys and kids clothes

5. Run those errands you’ve been putting off

6. Pair your socks and trash those unmatched and old ones

7. Clean your refrigerator or pantry

8. Put away your clean laundry

9. Take a trip down memory lane and download your photos

10. Dust your fans and clean your blinds

11. Discover what’s under the beds

If you need a little eye candy to motivate you…these might help! via pinterest


There is so much you can do that takes little time– and feels so good when you’re done! Be productive, play, and enjoy your weekend. Share your task!


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  1. Christa says:

    I was making my list of things to do this weekend while husband and boys are away camping and my list has many of the same things on it as yours! So, I feel validated that I’m going in the right direction! Of course, my list also has” vacuum car”–with two young boys, there are Lego pieces, sand, cheerios, and other unidentifiable objects to be removed!

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