Simply Savvy Guest Post:: 4 Tiny Tips for Organized Living

I’m delighted to have Amy Volk as our Simply Savvy guest! Enjoy her 4 Tiny Tips for Organized Living then enjoy browsing her site at

Welcome Amy:: speaker, author, and owner of  Simplified Living, LLC.

Most of my clients have more books about organizing than I do!  Each one of them has tried time and again to “get organized” and each book promises the hope of system that will work.  But after working with hundreds of clients, I now know that there is no cookie cutter solution to getting organized.  Each person, each family, requires their own unique solutions to making organized living stick.

I can tell you though, that if my clients would do the following 4 things each day, they (and you) would see a huge improvement to their homes.  Why? Because these are basic tenets of keeping clutter and mess to a minimum.  They won’t fix everything, but they will cut down on the visual overwhelm that being disorganized brings.

Try them out for 2 weeks.  If you hate and don’t see that they have made any difference in your home, then go back to how you have always done things.  That’s what I tell my clients and never once has anyone been nothing short of thrilled with the results.  At first, these tiny tips feel clunky and tedious.  Stick with it and see what happens!


1.  Make your bed each morning!

Get in the habit of having everyone in your home make the bed each day. It will set the tone for a tidy home.

2.  Put things away!

Each time that you take something out & use it…put it back. When you buy something new…find a place for it! When you take off dirty clothes…put them in a hamper. Simply getting in the habit of returning what you use and teaching your family to do the same, will make a huge difference in your home. Plus, the long term benefits of this are having children who make good roommates & spouses because they aren’t messy!

3.  5-Minute Clean Up.

Place a basket in a central location in the house. Each night, set the timer for 5 minutes. Everyone in the house gathers their things they have left around and puts them in the basket. When the basket is full, it’s time for everyone to grab their own things and put them away. This daily exercise controls the clutter that happens all day and you can wake up to less mess.

4.  Deal with the Mail.

Toss junk mail immediately! Have a basket for things to shred. Place “keep” mail in a single place. DO NOT make a pile of mail to go through later. Later never happens and pretty soon you have a week or more of mail that you haven’t touched. Make it a daily habit to decide what mail you are keeping and what mail is either getting tossed or shredded. It takes less than 5 minutes to do this and will save you hours of time later down the road.

Simple but so true. It all makes such a difference. Thanks so much Amy! Share your comments and your quick fixes. I love sharing back!

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