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Getting organized is a task but being organized evokes many feelings. The feeling you get when you walk into any space, open a drawer, or replace your things should be one of peace, calm, and delight.  It may be as simple as choosing coordinating boxes for opened shelving, adding printed contact paper to drawers, or seeing your socks rolled into dividers that are easy  to find.  I believe that all spaces have potential to bring style and order to your home, and increase the feeling of loving each space you are in.


I recently worked with two clients that were transforming new spaces, just for them.  Both clients were surprised when I stated that their rooms (a master closet and an office) deserved a special touch, a glam detail, a reflection of their style. These spaces need chandeliers!


If you spend a great deal of time in the laundry room, home office, bathroom, and bedroom (of course you do!) than why not add details that give you pure delight. Special touches can make you space proud, which helps in the maintenance of your newly found order. For your stylized moment, it may not be a chandelier; however, maybe it should be. Take a look at these inspirational spaces, they are organized and have style that reaches high and low!


I love glam and glitz in the laundry room, but I also like how these include additional touches like wall details and tiled carpets.




A design touch of romance in the bedroom that’s chic and sophisticated, is good for everyone!




Don’t forget your hide-away home office or craft space.  Adding a patterned rug can really make a statement and show some personality.






We spend much of our time in the bathroom showering and getting ready for the day. Enjoy that space.




I hope this inspires you to add stylish details to all spaces in your home- it’s just simply good for you! Be house proud and love all the spaces you are in. All photo credits and more inspiration can be found on the Simply Savvy Pinterest board.


I’d love to hear about simple touches (or chandelier touches) you’ve added to a space. Share a comment, share a link. If you have a big transformation, email me the details and images. I love sharing back!


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  1. Hi Julie, Thank you for popping by my blog & for your sweet comment. I can tell this is the blog of an organizer – VERY neat & clean! And thank you for these beautiful “eye candy” photos. So pretty. I enjoyed my visit here!

    Warmly, Michelle

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