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Getting organized is a task we do to manage our space, our day, and our lives. The tools we use to get organized can (and I believe should) add style and design to a space.


I’m always keeping my eyes open for things to share that is an organizing must-have; however, this week I’m sharing three organizing love-to-haves.


The first two product picks are from Wisteria. I received the current issue of the catalog and instantly loved these items.


This collapsible iron organizer can be used to hold your magazines, catalogs, design books, or files. I love that it adds a sleek and industrial touch that is very interesting. Of course, it’s functional and keeps items easy to see–an organizing must!



I can’t say it enough (I’ll keep saying it too!), labeling is a key ingredient to successful organization. My favorite labels are those that are flexible and add a pretty touch to your containers and baskets. These handcarved clay tags are a great solution. I like these for baskets placed on open shelving; such as, the laundry room, pantry, or bookshelves. These deserve attention!



My third product pick (by Three by Three Seattle) is one I found on Julie Morgenstern’s shop at OpenSky . (Quick plug: You should join that site if you have not already)


These writable bamboo panels are very flexible–you can write, hang, containerize, and stick items all on one chic board.


 Do you have a favorite organizing product you want to share? Leave a comment.


I was not paid or sponsored to share these products. I share what I find and what I really like. If you’d like Simply Savvy to check out your products, become a sponsor, or provide a giveaway, contact us for details.


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