rise it up…

I have several large built-in bookshelves in my home and am always trying to be creative with ways to add height, dimension, and group objects…and fill the space! I have been grouping smaller items on risers. Risers aren’t just for your baked goods or parties,  they create simple interest and add chic style to tables or shelves. It’s easy to change the items for a gathering, add holiday ornaments, or stack two risers for added style. Rise it up!

I grouped items in a crackeled bowl here. Why should this bowl be in a cabinet, right?

Grouping items that are similar in color, shape, or function can make a nice statement.

Repurpose bowls, risers, or trays and group your decorative items to make a quick change in your space.

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  1. I love using risers in decorating!

  2. Woot, I will certanliy put this to good use!


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