Creative Corners

It’s the weekend and you’re hopefully in full relaxation mode. Wouldn’t you love a cozy spot to read (or hide) and relax in?

Find your corner and get to layering!



milton bonus room nook

This affordable nook has personality. I layered patterns, textures, color, and character. Boho chic. (Christina Wedge: photography)

milton bonus room reading nook

If you have a larger area and want to be a bit more planned- try a reading corner with built-ins and a multipurpose table. We added these delicious velvet drapery panels to warm the space.

A budget friendly option would be to incorporate free standing shelves (keep it sturdy) and a chair with an ottoman.

Stylish, cozy, functional, and flexible!

What creative corner can you come up with?

I’m always here to help! See my services, here.

Happy relaxation!


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Spring into Color

Spring is finally here. Let’s start by welcoming Spring with a look at this bold, beautiful fabric.


What does Spring mean to you? For me it’s getting back outside and enjoying the extended daylight with my boys. It’s also lounging outside while I can before the mosquitos swarm our yard. I’m excited for our first Spring in our home and am ready to focus on the landscape. I love to plant and there is much to do.

Spring is also all about color. My wardrobe doesn’t look as drab and my toenails get some attention.  My home also gets touches of bright, fresh color with a few decorative additions and always fresh flowers. Do you need a bit of inspiration? (See the sources here)


Julie Montgomery

Julie Montgomery


Spring is also a good time to hit the refresh button with my personal goals and set out to challenge myself in new ways. I hope you’ve seen my #instatip Thursday quick video clips on Instagram. You never know what I might have to say or share. Follow on Instagram and JulieMInteriors.


I’d love to help you refresh your space for Spring. See my services, here. You can also email me at


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Decorate with a Vision

Decorate with a vision in mind when you are not really sure what you like or most importantly how you want to feel in your space. If you don’t know where to begin decorating your space go visit your nearest fabric store and pull out prints and colors that strike an emotion in you. Not the THIS IS THE UGLIEST thing ever kind of emotion, right? More like, I like this but I’m not sure how I’d use it.

Take your fabric samples and play with color schemes, patterns, and textures. Don’t sweat over it. You’ll FEEL what works for you. By creating your vision for the overall space you may find it easier to select your paint colors, bedding, or begin with a few select pieces.

Here are a few of my recent loves for boy and girl spaces and that calming living space.

My favorite colors- BLUES. I happen to love transitional style and the larger scale fabric on top would make fabulous drapery.

Still overwhelmed or need guidance on creating YOUR vision? I’d love to help you. See me services (including e-Design) here.


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Decorative Solutions for a Cool Space

Decorative solutions for a cool space can be as simple as adding a potted plant or a wooden tray. I have marble countertops in my kitchen and master bath and I look for ways to add that cozy layer. Though I do think a white ceramic vase with flowers on an island is simple and pretty, adding something rustic or earthy to a countertop or tiled floor keeps the space from feeling sterile.

A  textured or aged decoration provides balance, interest, and calms a space.

Here are a few simple additions you can add to your space. These are common items that can be found in your favorite budget-friendly shop too.  You can’t go wrong with baskets, copper, wood, greenery, and a touch of kilim. Remember to keep it simple!

All of these items can be seen in more detail here.

I’d love to help you add warm details to your space. See or email me at


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Avoid costly renovating mistakes

Avoid costly renovating mistakes by taking time to plan and get educated. Have you ever bought a piece of furniture only to later feel that the comfort, size, or style was completely wrong? Hiring a designer can SAVE you (necessary plug!)  This may be a costly mistake but one that will  pass fairly quickly. Now, what if you knocked down a wall or had tile installed and the color was all wrong? That’s one you may have to live with longer… or permanently if you’ve opened up a space you now regret.

Ask yourself LOTS OF QUESTIONS. How do you want the space to function? How do you want to move throughout the space? What does the home lack for your lifestyle? What will you miss if you remove that closet or select a pedestal sink with no storage? Where’s your stuff going to hide?

Consider the entire home even if you are changing a smaller space.

Before you make a big change to your space find out if it’s good for the value of the house. Ask a really good local realtor that knows your hood.

In my own home I chose to take a large formal living room and turn it into a small study in order to gain closet space in the master bedroom. (This picture was take when I was first unpacking)

2014-10-22 13.15.40


I absolutely love this space-the detail, richness, and size make it usable and very inviting. In addition, I now have ample storage for my things in the master.


master closet


Don’t make costly mistakes. Know what things cost and ask experts. I’d love to help with your renovation rescue. There are so many options out there that selecting can be overwhelming. Email and follow me on Instagram at JulieMInteriors. Go to for more



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